Evolution of Box Art

Evolution of Box Art

We mentioned the legendary Peter Dennis has been doing some of the box artwork for us. Here's a look at how that process works.

The first step is a brief conversation in which we describe what we're looking for, show off some of the sculptures, and explain any shield designs or weapons choices. Peter then goes off and does a quick sketch as a starting point.

For example for the Dark Age Irish box we started here:

Peter wanted to know if the shileleagh would be better up or down and we opted to go for the raised look. We also pointed out a head from the set that might be good on the fellow on the right. Peter in turn asked what we wanted to show on the shields here and we found some examples from the Book of Kells that he was able to work in...

After that it was time for a bit of color which resulted in...

And there you have it! To see more of Peter's amazing artwork visit his website: Peter's Paperboys.

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