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Fantasy Races/Classes Survey

Fantasy Races/Classes Survey

This time we're doing something a little different with our survey. We're interested in what kinds of fantasy characters you'd like to see in hard plastic. We know a lot of you are role-players along with being wargamers and may have different desires for that than what you put onto the fields of tabletop battle! 

Artwork for attention by the excellent DarioFish on DeviantArt - check out his work here.

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Michael Blower - September 26, 2023

I am enjoying Wargames Atlantic stuff atm and the STL File sales are a great leap forward. I personally would to see some Elf kits in the range. As for what particular look, I’d say the Ancient Greeks or the Celts would be the perfect look for High Elves or Wood Elves respectively.

Les - September 20, 2023

I’d love to see some good Egyptian infantry for fantasy the big thing now are teiflings (part demon devils) and dragon born Some human type bodies with an extra sprue of horned heads, tails and bat like wings would be welcome

Wolfgangbrooks - September 18, 2023

Just like to see more 3rd party fantasy cavalry/mounted characters.

Biggles - September 10, 2023

On options I think I would just appreciate as broad a range of options across all of the races – especially as someone who runs all sort of silly combos like halfling paladins. But due to my personal biases I’d most appreciate lots of half-orc, halfling and human options!

Hartsell McCulley - September 10, 2023

I have to agree with some previous comments about generic sets. This would give alot of options to players.

Daniel L - September 9, 2023

I feel like, as much as the variety and quality of Wargames Atlantic kits would make your typical array of D&D-esque race and class combos would be welcome addition to the panoply of kits these are things that tend be widely available in many forms already.

I would love to see you guys take a crack and something less widely available, particularly in multi-part plastics: animal anthropomorphs.
Give us digit grade legs, tails that can be seared on the rears, heads for cat people, dog people, rabbit people, lizard people, bird people… who knows!

So many fantasy worlds have the concepts of anthropomorphic races but, with the possible exception of WotCs very slim interpretation on Tabaxis, there is so little choice for modelling on this area. Even then it’s usually a head swap being places on a very obviously human body.

I reckon this could be a real stand out offering on the current market.

Cliff - September 8, 2023

Male/Female Human Ranger/Thief sprues. There’s a lot of overlap between those classes equipment-wise (hooded cloaks, bows, crossbows, dual welded weapons, etc.) so I think it would be very versatile. Also, to my knowledge, (aside from the very winter themed Frostgrave Kits) no one makes a good hard plastic ranger/thief multipart kit.

Honestly, instead of trying to make a model for a specific class, it might be better to make a generic “______ adventurers in _______ armor” Kit. Rangers and Rogues could easily be covered in “Human adventurers in light/medium armor.” Instead of Dwarf priests and mages there would be “Dwarven adventurers in robes.” Elven Paladins, Fighters, and Clerics could be covered by an “Elven adventurers in plate.” And so on.

In my experience, the differences between the kit for different classes is pretty minor and could probably be covered by accessories on the sprues. See the excellent Frost grave sprues for examples. If only they weren’t so hard set into the winter and island/pirate themed.

Ron - September 8, 2023

Multi-part Neanderthals!!!

Philip S - September 8, 2023

In addition to my 100% aggreement that keeping the sets generic & interchangable would make them much more useful to players of every game & setting, I’d also love to propose the following:

-Fantasy fish-folk (Kuotoa/Saghuagan), or a set of fish heads & arms to be used with other kits.
-Flowerfolk (or any plant based race)
-Insect folk (there are all sorts of them in starfinder & spelljammer, but without a good base miniature to customize it is harder to use them as a GM).

Dave - September 8, 2023

I agree with some of the other commenters here about keeping things more generic. Having each sprue tailored to a race (multiple bodies with varying outfits) with interchangeable limbs and equipment would seem like it could be used by the vast majority of fantasy players. A set of customizable towns folk/NPC would be awesome.

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