FLASH SALE! Big Deals on Dark Age Irish!

FLASH SALE! Big Deals on Dark Age Irish!

For a very limited time we are offering a fantastic deal on our Dark Age Irish plastic set - 30 figures along with 10 wolfhounds for $25 or £20! 

We also have some fantastic multi-box deals! 

$25 / £20 usually $34.95 / £25!!
Multi-Buy Deals!
Buy 3 Boxes for $70/£55
Buy 5 Boxes for $100/£85
Buy 10 Boxes for $185/£150
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David Phillips - June 13, 2021

Thankfully the sale held long enough for me to get a 3 box set these will be great for my D&D games

David Phillips - June 9, 2021

well not sure how long that’s lasting but if it’s still active when i get payed

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