Flash Sale! Persians Everywhere!

Flash Sale! Persians Everywhere!

Been eyeing a box of Persians or dare we hazard a full army? Now is your time! 

$25 / £20 usually $34.95 / £25!!
Multi-Buy Deals!
Buy 3 Boxes for $70/£55
Buy 5 Boxes for $100/£85
Buy 10 Boxes for $185/£150
Click on the box to get yours!
We've been getting some great reviews: 
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Oscar - October 30, 2020

Nuts! Missed this sale, would have combined great with the Afghans on sale now!

Alexander Lisov - October 21, 2020

Great miniatures! I recommend it to everyone, especially for such a price. :)
Perfectly fitted parts, not too big (not heroic 28mm), very nifty, highly detailed figures, many build options. Models go well with figures from other manufacturers (you know who I mean;)).
What else do you need to create a huge empire, punish the arrogant Greeks or stop this upstart Alexander? More Persians! :)

Greetings from Russia! Be healthy!

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