Francesco Thau Paints Late Romans

Francesco Thau Paints Late Romans

Wonderful Italian painter Francesco Thau has put his brush to our Late Romans with spectacular results! Check out his video here: 


You can get your own Romans by clicking here. We are currently working on Goths, Franks, and other enemies along with Army Builder sets of 60 figures and more Roman types. Lots to come for this range! 

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Adam Hayes - October 7, 2021

What’s with all the clouds? Are they already all dead and in Elysium?!

David Phillips - October 5, 2021

Just a neat thing i took the body of one of these and grabbed the space dwarf death fields set and made a tall space viking with a kinda blue chainmail that makes a cool leader

Gionata - October 1, 2021

Impressive work – among the best I have seen – and the color scheme is so realistic.. complimenti

David Phillips - September 30, 2021

no fair those are so much better than mine

Y. Whateley - September 30, 2021

Looks great – the colour scheme really stands out, beautiful work! :)

Thomas Van Hemelrijck - September 30, 2021

I’m waiting very patiently for the roman army builder set.

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