Free Miniature for International Women's Day!

Free Miniature for International Women's Day!

In honor of International Women's Day we are giving away a free downloadable STL file of a female Ukrainian soldier. (This is part of a larger multi-part STL set coming later this week!) 

Click on the image below to download yours (both unsupported and supported files are available): 

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Charles E. Marcinko - March 17, 2023

She looks great. Skip the digital part and make a whole unit based upon the Ukraine women. Sniper rifles and assault weapons let them kick Russian backsides.

Vihar - March 17, 2023


Terry Malone - March 13, 2023

Great sculpt, great subject more please

Jeff Sargent - March 10, 2023

Perfect, great job, now we need a whole set.

Ben - March 10, 2023

Love the sculpt and the theme, this is a brilliant crossover of many things and the headgear is one of my favourite parts

Sven Lugar - March 10, 2023

Thank you supporting women in a strong manner. I wrote a paper for the USN in the early 70’s supporting their inclusion in SpecOps and have tried to be on the supporting end of women in anyway I can.

Drangir - March 10, 2023


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