Gangs of Rome Kickstarter...and Plastic!

Gangs of Rome Kickstarter...and Plastic!

The fine fellows at Footsore Miniatures and Games have launched a new edition of their fabulous Gangs of Rome game on Kickstarter

For the sharp eyed among you you'll notice that if they reach the £44,000 stretch goal they will be adding a sprue of HARD PLASTIC ROMAN CITIZENS (suitable for both Mob and Gangs!) This is similar to what we did with the 02 Hundred Hours game where we will provide the plastics for their release and then have a separate box set to fit into our own ranges once the game is released! 

Jump over to Kickstarter and back this great project!


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William Redford - March 19, 2023

Is the Roman citizen set going to be a half sprue like the Halflings?

Porsenna - March 17, 2023

I’m hoping for some good fodder for gladiators myself – some bear chests and a few fancy greaves/ greave legged option and helmets will make me a happy camper

Caratacus - March 17, 2023

Now this is more like it! I’m looking forward to seeing WA give some more love to their Ancients ranges. A Roman Civilian kit could be kitbashable to make citizens, slaves and gang fighters from many different nations of the Mediterranean and perhaps even Romano-British citizens from the early Dark Ages. There’s a good deal of potential here!

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