Goonhammer Review Aztecs and "Flower Wars"!

Goonhammer Review Aztecs and "Flower Wars"!

The team over at Goonhammer have done a review, assembly, and painting of our Aztecs along with an introduction to their "Flower Wars" rules they're developing. Get in on the action by clicking here!


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Aaron Bowen - March 28, 2023

Glad you liked the articles! Really interesting stuff going on I think – more to come too!

Red Bee - February 27, 2023

There follow up article is fascinating as well. It really excited about the potential game;

Red Bee - February 27, 2023

I’ve been meaning o get a box of these to go with the Mississippian set, having a skirmish game to go with them gives me another reason to move them up the buy list. Thanks for sharing

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