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Goths T1 Coming Soon!

Goths T1 Coming Soon!

The second set in our Decline and Fall range is almost with us: Goths! The first test shot (T1) is scheduled in time for Christmas. Typically the guys in our toolroom nail it on the first try with the T1. Sometimes there are small fill issues that require a little more mold work (usually 1-3 days) and then it's back on the press for T2 which is almost always the final shot. Either way we'll be showing off the plastic soon! In the meantime here is the frame layout: 

This will be a 30 figure set with lots of options to build your Goth warband. It is also just the first set for the Goths! Like the Romans we have an Army Builder set coming for the Goths that will have 60 figures (at the same price) so that you can build up your forces. And by combining with the mail Roman bodies and the upcoming scale Roman bodies you can customize to your heart's content. 

You will also be able to use this box as command for multiples of the AB boxes. Each of these boxes will provide 6 command units + for unarmored warriors as will the Romans in mail and scale.

We will have photos of the sprues as soon as they are off the press! 

* Part of the box illustration by Peter Dennis

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Daniel - December 22, 2021

I’m also looking forward to using these for Saga. I’m pretty sold on building a Goth warband and these will do nicely. Already have a box of the Late Romans.

John - December 19, 2021

These look like they would fit well with Blood Oaths, and other Dark Ages stuff. I look forward to getting some.

Simon - December 18, 2021

Really looking forward to these, didn’t think the Goths had beards though?

Emiel - December 17, 2021

You guys keep releasing stuff that I want to buy. I never know whether to buy now or wait for that next set, then I end up buying both.
Thanks for spoiling us!

David Phillips - December 16, 2021
Don Williams - December 16, 2021

Very excited to see these released. I just purchased Saga ‘Age of Invasions,’ and look forward to using these figures as well as figures from other WA kits (Irish, Late Romans in mail) to build several warbands! I hope you have cavalry in the works to supplement these outstanding releases.

Pat Stoddart - December 16, 2021

Hope those shields are not as flat as they look…. lovely otherwise.

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