Goths T1 hot off the press

Goths T1 hot off the press

From the factory floor the T1 (first test shot) of the Goths frame:

These won’t be too far off from release and followed by the big Goth/Dark Ages Army Builder 60 figure set to hep you build some big armies!


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David Reay - January 26, 2022

This looks like being one of your most versatile and multi use sets yet!
Looking forward to it’s release with anticipation.

Drew - January 6, 2022

They look great I see an amazing amount of varied right hands with weapons.

Am I just being dense though? I don’t see any right arms that they would attach to…

Would they be on a second sprue?

Ronald D. Russell - January 5, 2022

Very Cool!!

David Phillips - January 4, 2022

seems fun. my current armies are a bit backed so probably won’t buy anything new for a bit

Don Williams - January 5, 2022

Excellent sculpting work that looks as good as your Irish Warriors. And in comparison, even more versatility with this box. In addition to the various hand weapons (swords, axes), I’m especially intrigued to see options for javelins, slings and bows added to this kit. Combined with the Irish Warriors and Late Romans already available, the options for kitbashing are almost limitless! Cannot wait to see the cavalry, when these are added to this range.

Davide Rossi - January 3, 2022

Very great job!!!! How many days for this great warriors???? Thanks

John Wade - January 3, 2022

Looks great !

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