Grognard Command and Eisenkern Stormtroopers Schedule

Grognard Command and Eisenkern Stormtroopers Schedule

Almost there! 

All pre-orders for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia have shipped out from our Australian warehouse!  

The American container has unloaded from the ship in New York and is preparing to travel via train to Atlanta and then the final truck delivery to our Marietta, Georgia warehouse. 

The UK container is currently on a ship in Rotterdam and expected to arrive at Southampton port on January 11th. After unloading and sorting it will make it's way to Sarissa in Heanor. 

We hesitate to give any dates because the freight companies are telling us all the ports are very, very slow right now but as soon as we have something more concrete we'll let you know!

We also have an air shipment of Grognard restocks coming to the US and UK so that anyone who ordered Grognard infantry with the heavy weapons or Eisenkern will be taken care of as we are currently out of stock! There are additional Grognard restocks coming with the French Resistance and British Riflemen. 

Speaking of those we have some dates: 

Arriving at Sydney port around January 14 

Arriving at Southampton around February 2nd

Arriving at Atlanta around February 5th

Again depending on the situation in the ports these are all up for grabs but this is the current schedule. 

AND...finally...Lizardmen and the Army Builder Prussian Reserve are being picked up by the freight company next week and we hope to have those schedules soon but we expect a late February release for those.

WW1/2 French layout in progress along with Imperial Conquests Boxers, Classic Fantasy Goblins, and our new Death Fields set Cannon Fodder!


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