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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Grognard Command and Heavy Support Incoming

Grognard Command and Heavy Support Incoming

The long awaited day is almost upon us with the addition of the Command and Heavy Support box set to the Grognard's range. Today we can reveal everything that will be in the box!

First some eye-candy:

 Command including medic, comms, Chef de Battalion, sniper, Eagle bearer

 Heavy laser team

 Quad gunner (can also be kitbashed into a grav speeder)

 Auto mortar


 All four types of heavy weapons - wheels or tripod interchangeable


And last but not least the frame layout. As you may have noticed we've included some female heads in the mix and you get one of each type. You'll also have ALL heads for every figure in each style with or without gasmasks. The set will feature 3 of these frames to allow you to build up to 6 heavy weapons teams. Parts are backward compatible with the Grognard infantry set also.

This frame is in tooling now and we expect a test shot in the next week or so with an estimated December release. Keep an eye out for pre-orders in the near future.

Everything above was expertly painted and photographed by Matthew Leahy.

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Mark - September 25, 2020

So, I can build 6 heavy weapons, 2 per sprue.
But how many troopers and heads do I get per sprue?
(I have a bit of a hard time seeing what everything is.)

Stephen Wilson - September 22, 2020

Dear Wargames Atlantic

Thanks for the tip on putting them sitting but on a box… I honestly hadn’t though of that… So now I have a conundrum do I order 2 boxes of infantry and 1 heavy or vice versa?

P.s….Please tell me you have some tanks planned in the future.

Scott Beil - September 22, 2020

You guys are kicking it hard! Loozing forward to the next force release for killing fields. Will it be US or Asian?

Wargames Atlantic - September 21, 2020

Thanks everyone!

Stephen: you can use the seated body with the other weapons as well as it can be put on one of the boxes and lines up with the back of the gun in that way (we planned it that way for those who weren’t using the ball gun)

Janne: yes and we will have pre-orders going in the next week or so

Logan: yes we will be tackling the Raumjäger heavy weapons next year

William: you can make 3 of any one kind as you’ll have three sprues in the box.

Thanks again!

Janne - September 21, 2020

Will this have same price as normal Grognard box ? Will you take preorders ?

William Knaapen - September 21, 2020

Wait…we get one of EVERY weapon option per SPRUE? So we could make 4 of one kind if we want? Oh, that is glorious! This is one more reason you guys are better at that big company in the UK ;)

Stephen - September 21, 2020

I am astounded by the effort put into this. As if a heavy weapon team wasn’t enough you also throw in a command option too…. Top marks. My only slight concern is the leg options (as I see only four)… To my eyes it looks like 25% of the set is the sitting pose, which is kinda unless it you don’t want to use the quad gunner. One sprue from your infantry set would solve that for the whole box… But in honestly it’s a minor quibble. I know my guard army is going to get a lot more French in 2021, now to teach my Praetorians to chant Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Logan - September 18, 2020

these look great! in the future will these heavy support teams be available in the Raumjager kits too? if so i’d be very excited to pick up a box, keep it up with the good work!

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