Grognard Command/Heavy Support Test Shot

Grognard Command/Heavy Support Test Shot

Sorry for the quality of the photos (straight from the factory floor) but we thought you would like to see the first test shot for the Grognard Command and Heavy Weapons set. These will be available for pre-order in the near future.

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Wargames Atlantic - December 20, 2021

John – yes that’s a holster with the pistol in it. The butt of the pistol can be seen under the flap. designed to be used on either side.

John - December 20, 2021

I have this set, It’s really cool but I’m having trouble figuring out what one of the pieces is for. In the left side pic, bottom right quadrant of the sprue, right in with the heavy laser cannon, there is a small bit. It has a tiny clip sculpted on each side. It kind of looks like some sort of holster, but I think it’s to big for that. Any help is appreciated.

patrick - September 29, 2020

Nice stuff. Unfortunately, I am not in the market to buy that.

Jacob - September 28, 2020

Very exciting stuff. Love all the previews your company is putting out there.

Straha - September 28, 2020

These look awesome. Can’t wait for the release.

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