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UPDATE 11/10/20 - Grognards, Giant Spiders, Einherjar Updates

UPDATE 11/10/20 - Grognards, Giant Spiders, Einherjar Updates

Grognards, Einherjar, and Giant Spiders are in the warehouse in Australia and shipping out to Australian, New Zealand, and Asian customers. But we're still waiting on our US and UK shipments because...

Originally we had been told the US shipment was en route to Georgia to Bridge Fulfillment but now we've found out it is still in US Customs. The good news is that other shipments in the same container have been released so we expect our pallets to be released shortly as well. It should then just be a couple days via train to get down to Atlanta. We'll update this blog post as we learn more.

UPDATE 10/21/20: Same as yesterday. This one doesn't seem to have anything to do with us and just the speed of the port so we're just waiting.

UPDATE 10/22/20: Container still in customs exam. Some other shipments in the same container have cleared. Just waiting for ours to clear. Apparently any time now.

UPDATE 10/29/20: our shipment is still in NY port and held for further inspection. It's basically been held up since October 5th and our freight company is waiting on further guidance from Customs/Border Patrol. We are in Casablanca hoping for "papers". We'll keep updating you as we (hopefully!) find out more soon.

UPDATE 10/30/20: nothing from them. Just waiting on CBP to do whatever they do with their "contraband inspection" Trust us when we say we are checking constantly!

UPDATE 11/2/20: We have received word that the hold on our shipment has been lifted but we are waiting to find out the schedule going forward More news tomorrow we hope!

UPDATE 11/5/20: FINALLY out of customs and the port. En route to Atlanta via rail with estimate of 11/9. Then needs to be delivered to Marietta warehouse. We will keep you updated! Hopefully these will all be shipping out next week.

UPDATE 11/9/20: Arrived Atlanta depot. Waiting on final delivery to Bridge Fulfillment in Marietta. Barring any other surprises these should start shipping this week!

UPDATE: 11/10/20: In the warehouse! Getting inventory updated and Bridge will begin fulfillment this week.

The UK shipment is still in customs and the product has been flagged for a more in depth check and testing. We are hopeful that the results are back tomorrow and that we pass them so we can move the product up to Sarissa for final fulfillment. Hopefully we will have an update on this tomorrow afternoon. 

UPDATE 10/21/20: we have a path forward with the UK shipment and are providing the relevant information. Waiting on confirmation and next steps tomorrow once the UK is back to work.

UPDATE 10/22/20: we are working with UK customs to make sure our packaging is compliant with EU import laws. This should be resolved Monday and we expect release to our local freight company on Tuesday. We'll update this on Monday as more news comes in.

UPDATE 10/27/20: good news! UK shipment has been released from customs and will be in stock with Sarissa by next week. 

UPDATE 10/29/20: UK shipment is finally released and Sarissa is prepping to ship everything out to UK/EU customers!

UPDATE 10/30/20: the Einherjar and Spiders march forth! We have a LOT of pre-orders so give Sarissa a week to start getting them all out

We will use this blog post to make updates so it is all in one place. We know our "plastic crack" is a drug to some but this is ridiculous! Sorry for the delay with these! 


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darren Williams - November 1, 2020

This is what you get when you fill in the customs docket as “10,000 giant spiders from China”!

Roland - October 30, 2020

Well, it’s coming from China so it surely must be dangerous, at least according to our Orange Clown and his cronies… 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jeff G - October 29, 2020

This is what we get for calling our models plastic crack

Philip Fluegge - October 22, 2020

Y’all got a customs guy?

Ady - October 21, 2020

It is what it is. Thanks for the update.

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