Heat 1: Elimination Round (1 of 6): IT BEGINS!

Heat 1: Elimination Round (1 of 6): IT BEGINS!

The Great Big Follow Along Contest begins in earnest! You submitted almost 1500 ideas for hard plastic sets! It took some time, but we eliminated all the duplicates (there were a LOT of duplicates!), took out anything that violated other IPs, anything inappropriate (you know who you are), and ended up with close to 500 final entries. Don't worry though - if you submitted ANYTHING you'll still be eligible to win. 

Because of the large number of submissions we are breaking the contest down into multiple Heats and Elimination Rounds. The first Heat starts now with Elimination Round 1. Rounds 2-6 will follow over the next few days. 

The Top 10 in each Round will be combined for Heat 2 voting next week. We will then move toward the final 10 and ultimately choose one set to make.

Without further ado, let the voting begin...


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Jon Glass - April 17, 2021

Outstanding competition and a brilliant way of interacting with your existing customer base as well as possibly adding to that group with new customers.
Very excited to see where this goes.

John - April 17, 2021

Very excited. There’s easily more than 10 sets I’d be interested in just on this list. You guys should have inspiration for years to come… Lol

Benjamin - April 17, 2021

Love too have ww1 ottomans

Matthew Mole - April 17, 2021

Truth be told I’d eventually buy most of these box sets. :-)

rob macfarlane - April 17, 2021

swiss guard 1527 for me mate

Don - April 17, 2021

Holding out for Halfling troops but an evil dwarf army sounds interesting
Keep up the good work

Wargames Atlantic - April 17, 2021

Hi Ian – remember this is only the first of six rounds with the full list divided among them.

Ian - April 17, 2021

I hope the lack of British WW1 infantry in the list means they are going to be made soon

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