Heat 1: Elimination Round (3 of 6)

Heat 1: Elimination Round (3 of 6)

Voting continues onto the 3rd Round of entries for Heat 1. Rounds 1 and 2 are still going strong. We will take the top 10 from each of the 6 Rounds in Heat 1 for Heat 2. Vote now and remember if you leave your email you'll have a chance for the Grand Prize too: 


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Y. Whateley - April 23, 2021

There are so many great options here – I totally forgot to check a few!

I don’t know who suggested the scary jesters/harlequins, but what a fantastic idea! Make it a set of sinister medieval festival-goers in weird and grotesque costumes – something like you’d see from “Masque of the Red Death”, and I think you’ve got something there: animal masks, skull masks, and whatever….

Kitbash them with some leftover swords and axes and whatnot, and you’ve got a unique fantasy army! I’d totally mix them in with medieval rioters, hooded cultists, bandits and vampire hunters and vampires – I kind of like to think that is what half the fantasy villages out there look like, and few adventurers survive visiting such villages!

An Extrovert Paints - April 22, 2021

WW1 ITALIANS! OMG…. please everyone vote for Italians! Also female resistance fighters!

Elegan/tg/entleman - April 19, 2021

>Frog Men
>Space Frog Warriors
Frog-Bros, our time has come!

Oliver Thompson - April 19, 2021

Bird people, I need to spice up my tabletop with interesting bird folk like those in Legend of Zelda

Stew - April 19, 2021

Tuaregs would be nice. Infantry, cavalry, datsun mounted.

Rufus - April 19, 2021

Huns! Poles!

David Johansen - April 19, 2021

I went for cowboys and banditos. Really, I suspect a generic powered armour set would do well but nobody’s doing the old west in plastic. Well IMEX but that’s 1/72 in soft plastic.

Tom McConnell - April 19, 2021

Napoleon if Highlanders in trews. Like the 94rd wore at New Orleans

Tom McConnell - April 19, 2021

Napoleon if Highlanders in trews. Like the 94rd wore at New Orleans

Frederik F. - April 19, 2021


I am now fully invested in the idea of a Zapatista kit and I’ll die of a stubbed toe if we don’t see them in plastic.

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