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Heat 2: Round 2 Now Open for Voting!

Heat 2: Round 2 Now Open for Voting!

Yesterday was the launch of Heat 2 for our new plastic set contest. Today we're on to Round 2 (with two more to go) This Round features another 15 ideas for a plastic set and we'll be using your votes to narrow this Heat of 60 to a Top 10. 

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Ivan Missiroli - May 1, 2021

I’d like to see Maori/Polinesian warriors on my table ;)

Jules Moles - May 1, 2021

I’m backing the historical lines as they have a much higher chance of going somewhere imo. It is definitely time for the Egyptian/Sea Peoples which can be the basis for many Byblical armies. And the modern generics and irregulars can also be the basis for most moderns, apocalypse and near future gaming.

Steve - April 30, 2021

Historical and sci fi Vietnam/ jungle fighters is my favorite choice so far and it wasntt even my original suggestion.

J. - April 30, 2021

More female miniatures in any of the popular genres would be a big help. Lots of interesting stuff on this list. Personally, I would love to see Old/Middle Kingdom Egyptians as well as LATE Imperial Roman/Dark Age civvies but I know my tastes are probably minority view.

That said, you gotta admit these guys are totally knocking it out of the park with both their release schedule and subject matter.

Y. Whateley - April 30, 2021

I agree with the comments hoping that some of the “also-rans” are considered good enough to produce, even if they didn’t win.

I love this voting idea and fan suggestions, and the love that some of the most unusual suggestions are getting!

Conventional wisdom seems to be that fantasy gamers are only interested in generic Tolkien-like fantasy orcs, elves, dwarves, and humans, sci-fi gamers are only interested in Tolkien fantasy with guns, and history gamers are only interested in medieval, WWII, and Napoleonic armies.

I think the popularity of the scifi-historical mashups (Space-Romans and so on) is surely a surprise to a lot of people, and the surveys and votes and suggestions indicate that there’s a market for far more variety than the conventional wisdom would claim!

Y. Whateley - April 30, 2021

I don’t know about “inclusion”, but the ‘80s sci-fi/action movie source material for the “Cannon Fodder” – ’Aliens’, ‘Starship Troopers’, ’Ender’s Game’, and the like – did have a number of female soldiers.

It’s the Space Amazons that kind of puzzle me. I’m going to guess it’s a thing in “Grimdark” sci-fi wargaming that the Other Guys aren’t supplying the niche demand for, like sci-fi dwarves and halflings. Not that that’s a problem – quite the opposite – it’s just not my genre, and I’m not quite sure I get it.

On the other hand, if “Space Amazons” translate to the Dejah Thoris style Martian warrior-princess counterparts to the John Carter-ish Sci-fi/Fantasy Swordsmen of Mars, then I’m intrigued (and the Grimdark gamers might be a bit baffled at my niche wargaming tastes! :D )

And then, there’s the RPG gaming market, which I think is what might actually be what the “inclusion” is all about for at least some of these kits: historical tabletop wargamers might not have much use for “medieval warrior women” and see them as completely senseless… fantasy tabletop wargamers might find them useful for fantasy faction-building purposes, but fantasy role-playing gamers for sure make use of warrior-women player-characters and non-player-characters all the time, so customizable miniatures in this scale will almost certainly find a market with them!

As a pulp and fantasy RPG player/GM, I certainly make use of these kits for that purpose all the time – thus, the female resistance kit is a win for me not really because they check a box off on some inclusion chart, but because there’s just not much variety in RPG miniatures for pulp horror/detective/etc. characters of any kind, let alone women for those femme-fatale or damsel-in-distress NPCs, or for PCs for the significant number of gamers who play women characters in these genres for any reason.)

The RPG miniature market is dominated by sword-and-sorcery fantasy RPG miniatures, with popular male character types of all sorts representing the highest volume (that is, male human beardy-wizards, sneaky-rogues, muscly-barbarian-warriors, and axe-dwarfs and archer-elves), trailed by a lot of chainmail-bikini-girls… which are awesome, but in a highly individualistic, character-driven gaming genre like role-playing games, most groups I know of always include characters who don’t fit those popular molds, and the women who play role-playing games don’t seem to dig the chainmail bikini thing as much as the rest of us do – at least, not quite for the same reasons….

david phillips - April 30, 2021

I wonder if any of the ideas that don´t win will be considered good enough to still be considered for sets in the future

Mattias Calvignac - April 30, 2021

I now second justins idea for a terracota army, also, for the nest suggestion, some dieselpunk would be very nice

Alex Perez - April 30, 2021

I don’t care for any of these. I didn’t vote for any of them. Bummer.

Nicklas - April 30, 2021

All the females above – thats the biggest hole in almost all plastic lines!

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