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Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

And here we are! After over 1400 submissions, tens of thousands of votes, and two Heats with a total of 10 Rounds we are down to the Top 12! (Originally we were going to do a Top 10, but with 4 Rounds in the last Heat we took the Top 3 from each)

The results follow what we know of wargaming trends in general (as depicted in the annual Great Wargaming Survey by WSS Magazine) and we've skewed heavily into sci-fi, some fantasy, and a smattering of historical (if moderns can be considered historical). 

We're excited to see what comes out on top! 12 of you have won a box of miniatures and we'll be reaching out to those winners over the next few days as we determine who was the first to submit the ideas. 

In the meantime,  get your votes in! We will leave voting open for a few days. Voting ends 4pm EST Friday May 7.


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Shaun Gooch - May 7, 2021


Reading some of the comments you’d think it was coming from petulant children and not adults.

This idea WA enacted for giving people actual input choice into their future output. Is fantastic. Regardless of outcome.

People didn’t vote your way! You didn’t get your toys made!

That’s the way of the world I’m afraid. Crying about it doesn’t change the result. Nor does posting thinly veiled insults in regard to others personal choices.

I champion Crimean War kits. Grenadier Guards! In case anyone didn’t notice!!!

Yet! I did not post it as my suggestion for the vote! Why? Because I realised that I am in the minority and ,if lucky. Fifty people might have ticked that box at best.

The only way I’m seeing Crimean War kits in plastic is, either I produce them myself or WA somehow think it is a good idea to cover a little known conflict between Russia, France, Great Britain and Turkey.

So unique. It actually was the very first instance of modern trench warfare. It fascinated me after reading some books and seeing actual photographs of what went on. Near where I live in Nottingham, situated in the Arboretum are four huge Russian cannons captured at Sevastapol. (They are huge. In excess of ten tons each.)

Back on track…..

I seriously don’t see the reason for people to get upset. It’s not as if WA have stated that they have no plans for obscure historical kits.

The Greek kit shown is proof. I personally don’t see the fascination of a kit that looks only slightly different to the rest of the Greek kits out there.

Infact it reminds me of the Simpsons Malibu Stacy joke. The new Malibu Stacy looks exactly the same as the rest. BUT!!!

She has a new hat!!!!!

Keep up the great work guys and produce those Grenadier Guards. Please!

Lee Hughes - May 7, 2021

It was nice of WA to seek potential buyers opinions but it looks like the poll was dominated by hobbyists who were already fans of WA’s sci-fi sets, which I’ve no interest in. There were only two in the final 12 I’m interested in (ww2 Italians and medieval peasants) but even those aren’t anything I’ll rush to buy. Was hoping to see more historical sets but there you go.

LFoster - May 7, 2021

Same as many. I won’t be buying any of the choices listed. I understand the business bit but this was tragic.

Simon Williams - May 7, 2021

I’m just happy that WA asked for opinions. The wargaming fraternity is a very broad church covering several thousands years of history plus games that range from needing a few skirmish figures to mass battles. You can’t please everyone. Also, from what I understand putting a plastic boxed set into production is a pricey business, so the decision must make ££/$$ commercial sense.

Jules - May 7, 2021

To be honest I this day and age why so many not historical sets did not make it. With a younger audience who were brought up on the scifish genres as well as all those modern wR movies. This does reflect imo the ‘Hollywood’ world to an extent. I’m not complaining just observing. Scifi civilians, Ogre Landsknechte, Generic moderns/irregulars and modular robots about sums up the movie world lol. Now if a great historical move had be released in the last 2 years or so and resonated with the public like Gladiator or 300 (as inaccurate as they were) I’m sure you’d have seen a bigger slew to that kind of historical. Me I’m happy that I might be able to use the moderns and the like to do moder/near future gaming. The one note I can give to WA is remember historicals do sell more boxes of the same so a multi box of Ancient Egyptians means a punter buying at least 2 instead of just one of most of the modern/scifi products. Luckily for me my wargaming tastes is a broad church. It was a fun competition though. Keep it up.

Alex Perez - May 7, 2021

Disappointed with the list too. Oh well it’s still fun.

Nikolas - May 6, 2021

Hopefully WA will try this again in future and the people who are being overly negative come to an understanding that it was a popularity contest.
A business must make product decisions about what will allow said business to continue operating. (ie what’s sells). Now WA can make some niche kits that will bring new customers or buzz from existing ones, but they still must have kits that sell volume to continue operations.
That all said, having kits that fill voids in the market can be both niche and volume. An excellent example would be doing a accurate WW1/WW2+Sci-fi of the FT-17, if done right with both turrets, a box that had 3 model FT-17, with a sci-fi(deathfields) swappable turret, would probably sell quite well, as there’s none in plastic in 28mm and getting 3 for the cost of one resin would be fantastic.
The were used in dozens of wars including WW2 and a sci-fi turret could be a popular choice for War of the Worlds gamers. It’s a good thing that they don’t do vehicles, I would probably buy far too many.

Tom McConnell - May 6, 2021

I do 28mm Napoleonics, so all of my choices were also-rans. I won’t be buying any of the choices here, but it looks like you’ll have a market for them. Good luck.

PEter - May 6, 2021

I guess the majority have spoken but ther is nothing in this list I would buy. What happened to all the great historical sets that were proposed. Wish you well but you won’t be seeing any of my money!

Jeremi - May 6, 2021

And i forgot about the one important thing! I can see on facebook/here that many people are complaining about the sets which get to the final [including me], many of these comments seemed to be… quite strong. I want to say that in my previous comment where i just wanted to share some of my thoughts – I still really appreciate the whole voting proccess – it was real fun!
It is highly possible that I’m not going to buy the “winner” sets, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t support your company! You’re doing an amazing job, your sets are amazing, detailed and affordable. I can’t wait to get your aztecs and chinese boxers!
Best regards Guys!

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