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Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

And here we are! After over 1400 submissions, tens of thousands of votes, and two Heats with a total of 10 Rounds we are down to the Top 12! (Originally we were going to do a Top 10, but with 4 Rounds in the last Heat we took the Top 3 from each)

The results follow what we know of wargaming trends in general (as depicted in the annual Great Wargaming Survey by WSS Magazine) and we've skewed heavily into sci-fi, some fantasy, and a smattering of historical (if moderns can be considered historical). 

We're excited to see what comes out on top! 12 of you have won a box of miniatures and we'll be reaching out to those winners over the next few days as we determine who was the first to submit the ideas. 

In the meantime,  get your votes in! We will leave voting open for a few days. Voting ends 4pm EST Friday May 7.


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Ian R. - May 5, 2021

I suppose there are a lot of people who are disappointed with the results, but that’s how votes work. Personally I’m hoping that the Death Fields Samurai get another chance, I was holding out hope for them, and was ecstatic to see them in Heat 2! Anyway, this is still a great idea, guys. It put the power into the hands of the customers, to generate a general consensus of what people want. All of these would make fantastic kits.

(I’m still ultra-hyped about Space Pirates and Sci-fi Civvies! I hope one of them comes out on top!)

Mattias Calvignac - May 5, 2021

modular robots and death fields pirates also seem great, good to see such good options

the post-apocalyptic survivors and generic modern military seem way too generic, seem a tad boring, and are extensively covered through many other sources, would be the least useless for a lot of people though but with all the great options least useless seems kinda dissapointing as a choice

really love you letting us vote though

Mattias Calvignac - May 5, 2021

well, no death fields space samurai but there is landsknecht ogres so I cant really complain

would have been nice to release both so you can get a really cool mix of monsters and humans, also, landsknecht are fundemetally cool

also, ww1 italians, pretty good round, some people are salty they did not get their favourite item but getting 3/500 in the top 10 for me is pretty damn solid, really like the voting system

I do agree that the way these are grouped could be different, I would personally suggest having the first round be performance-wise, so any with x amount of votes could pass to the next round, but have a limited amount of choices (6 seems to be the option IMO but anything from 5-10 is a good amount).

love the final bracket system though. Pick in order of preference is the best voting bracket IMO.
yeah, thats it, will certainly put my own applications next round, good luck

Peter - May 5, 2021

None of the above? I voted for the choices that I disliked the least.

As mentioned by others, votes by category (multiple historical ones, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) might have been nice.

Sean Tighe - May 5, 2021

I have to be honest, there isn’t one set in the last 12 I would buy.

Ralph Hart - May 5, 2021

Yeah, unfortunately I have to agree with the comments above: shame about the lack of historicals, despite some great ideas that aren’t available elsewhere…Voted for the least useless to me. But, fairplay, love the whole voting concept…

Porky - May 5, 2021

Italians? Useless.

An Extrovert Paints - May 5, 2021

C’mon WW1 Italians!

BZ - May 5, 2021

Historicals and the “garbage”? That was really unnecessary, shame on You.

Frederik F. - May 5, 2021

Well shucks. I was hyped for Zapatistas.

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