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How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

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Codsticker - March 7, 2021

I agree- standing or trotting horses, 6 of each in a box.

Paul Stevens - March 6, 2021

I agree with Axel, standing or trotting horses are preferable. I have a box set of knights from another company with a mixture of charging and standing/trotting poses and they just don’t look right!

Blake Radetsky - March 5, 2021

twelve can be used with several different rule sets to build cavalry units.

Ian Chard - March 5, 2021

12 would suit me best, but a greater number in a box would not put me off buying them. Someone else mentioned casualties and dismounted figures, and that would certainly add to the attraction. Head (human) variety also helps depending on the unit being portrayed – eg if headgear changed over a short period of time (Napoleonic era armies were the worst for this I think) then alternative headgear would increase the versatility of the box.

Axel - February 27, 2021

12 is a standard number that can be broken down and scaled up quite well. Putting in an extra horse for officers, standard, musician or the odd guy out would not hurt, but as we likely pay for it in money or less goodies on the sprue…

More important to me would be the question of the POSE. I have galloping horses in all variations – looking perfectly dynamic and terrible if I place my army on the table. Trotting, walking or standing horses are rare, though they make up for 99.8% of the actual battlefield time of cavalry. If given the chance I would buy standing or walking horses if I could – though I am quite sure the majority of customers likes them in full charge. :-/
Even a unit in trotting would be a welcome change.

That said, standing horse can combine left/right side far better then actually moving horses, and you need at least three different poses to make any unit believable. Perhaps different sprues for horse & rider would be better, giving the option to reuse the horse for different unit types.

Another important aspect – to me – is horse size. There are companies out there who have a “one size fits all” policy, producing knights horses and steppe ponies of the same shoulder height. Please make sure that the horses will fit to their historical prototypes. Roman cavalry should not use the same horse as British Napoleonic Dragoons.

Nigel Fryer - February 27, 2021

I would like to see 12 per box. I only play Lion/Dragon Rampant and this would give me enough for 2 units of Cavalry. I have the Halflings and Skeletons, so am waiting for those releases in cavalry ( not to mention any other Fantasy races you may produce like Orcs and the cavalry to go with them).

Franck - February 27, 2021

I think 12 would be great, with a variety customization options and optional officers (commander, trumpeteer, standard bearer) and some weapons options. I’m looking for a unit of 10 and 12 would allow me to being some variety on weapon deployment or even make special characters on the side :)

Paul C - February 27, 2021

12 + 2 dead horses or one dead and one falling is perfect. Or variation with 12 + 2 dismounted or walking or reareing up or rider being thrown over pulling up horse. That sort of thing.

Julian Weber - February 27, 2021

17 for me. That is 16 plus one officer.
If that’s not possible then 16. And and I get a metal officer from Calpe or Perry etc.

Ph - February 27, 2021

Answered 12, but 16 would also work great. Looking at it from the saga perspective.

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