How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

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BZ - February 24, 2021

If it should be versitale, then I would say 12 (with command options). Because its the closest common number to be used in games where the basic unit size is 4,5 or 6. Less is not enough, more is good, but then you need more boxes.

Gordon Nichols - February 23, 2021

I’m thinking ten myself. Playing games like Age of Sigmar, and similar skirmish style games, five produces a minimal sized unit, so ten can create either two small cavalry units or one larger unit, and keep the price per box manageable. It also means the folks here can cram more options and spare parts on the sprues.

Gasmask equipped riders (and horses) could be neat (and creepy if a line of them were seen atop a cliff). Maybe kit them out in such a way to work as early WW-I, with options for use in Death Fields or other sci-fi cav (say as Rough Riders useable in older 40k rulesets)? For that matter, the actual Rough Riders would be an awesome set, especially if one could get an option to field ol’ Teddy Roosevelt himself.

Marco Viviani - February 23, 2021

I’d say 16. Enough for interesting regiments size, but with enough space (I hope, not that I’m an expert) on the sprues for alternate weapons, heads, goodies, all that things that could give to the same box more variety.

Rob - February 23, 2021

I answered 10. Small enough to keep the price down, but large enough to make a small unit out of it. If you need more than 10, it is easy enough to buy a second box.

Andy O - February 20, 2021

I would like to see 18 Cavalry Figs because I use the Osprey Rule Sets like “The Men Who Would Be King” series (TMWWBK). The TMWWBK Cavalry Units are 8 Figs each so 16 or more would be two Units & would be GREAT! Perry gives you “Causality Figs” in their Colonial Boxes! Adding 2 or 4 extra “Cavalry Causality Figures” such as a “Dead Horse & Cavalry Figure!” These Figs could be used as a decorative “Pin Markers” for your rule set adding the “WOW Factors!” As always, add Arms & Heads for an Officers, Bugles & a Guidon Bearers,

Andy Beer - February 20, 2021

I put 12, but what would be awesome for Dragoons, AZW Natal Mounted Police / Basuthos (hint, hint), WW2 Cossacks etc. Would be a box of 6 mounted and 6 dismounted figures (or a separate box of dismounted figures). This could apply just as well for games like MESBG where you need a dismounted figure in case the mount is taken out of the game (in typical GW style, some units have NO dismounted models 😂😂)

Keep up the good work :)

John Robert Crome - February 20, 2021

12 troopers and 3 command would be ideal for my purposes.

SHAWN A HUMPHREY - February 20, 2021

I answered 12, but I also want to add to have the rider mounted to the saddle, so you could have the horses riderless if you wanted. Also it would give you an option to have bare back riders like some indigenous tribes were known to use.

Mike Dalziel - February 20, 2021

14 is good as it gives a unit of 12 with an officer and a spare

Graham - February 20, 2021

Most ancient rules now seem to work on elements rather than individual figures ( except my rules of choice Tactica 2). Cavalry are usually on bases of 2 or 3, so 12 is a very useful number. Depending on the period a few extras to make extra command figures can be useful. Can I also suggest that one mounted figure in an infantry box is useful as a commanding officer or general.

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