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How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

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Paul - February 26, 2021

12 works for me as I’m new to this game play for napoleonic wars

Kurt Hummitzsch - February 26, 2021

I’d prefer 12 figs, including officer and trumpeter and optional standard bearer. I don’t use standards in my light cavalry units, only the heavies get them. The rules I use units range in size from 8, 12 or 18 figs. A 12 pack allows me to make most units out of 1 box with a second box getting the large units of heavies made up. It looks like 12 figs is pretty much standard these days. It would be nice if the command could be made optional with just arms or head options, not sure if you are planning on different torsos like Perry Brothers do.
Looking forward to see what you are planning. I’ve already been tempted by your Prussian reserves.

Tom McConnell - February 26, 2021

I make regiments of 14. that gives me four squadrons of 3 figures each and a command base of an officer and a bugler.

Steve Pritchett - February 26, 2021

12 inc command would be good, 10 / 12 certainly seems to be the norm for most games but 12 would be my preference for the games I play.

Timothy Smith - February 26, 2021

I’d be okay with as little as 10 in a box- but if it were that amount, I’d like to see the sprue crammed with a variety of weapons, heads arms etc

Jack Hindmarsh - February 25, 2021

I feel that 12 is a good size to have for most games have ranks of a minimum of five so the larger 12 gives you enough for 10 regular cavalrymen whilst leaving space for specials such as a standard bearer and an officer if you’d want to pay the points for them.

Jules Moles - February 25, 2021

12 seem to be the norm, I have put 12 down myself but another spruce of Command is not a bad idea with a musician and command figures if very different from the troopers. Horses on separate spruces is a good idea as they may fit into other boxes with different riders in the future. I like the idea that all left and right parts of the horse body parts can fit each other for maximum variety of pose too. The actual horses heads if possible should be able to glue on at the reigns so no seams to fill. That would be the perfect horse model kit. Good work overall Atlantic you have been very productive indeed. You need to make cavalry to match your Conquistadors box coming out soon as I can see them being very much wanted for most of the period wars 1550 to 1650 in light and heavy troops configuration.

Kenneth Ring - February 25, 2021

I answered 12 because I noticed that most game systems either field cavalry units in either multiples of 4 or 5. 12 Is a good number because it allows for 3 units in 4 minimum systems and 2 units in 5 unit systems with some to spare (which is always nice!).

BZ - February 24, 2021

If it should be versitale, then I would say 12 (with command options). Because its the closest common number to be used in games where the basic unit size is 4,5 or 6. Less is not enough, more is good, but then you need more boxes.

Gordon Nichols - February 23, 2021

I’m thinking ten myself. Playing games like Age of Sigmar, and similar skirmish style games, five produces a minimal sized unit, so ten can create either two small cavalry units or one larger unit, and keep the price per box manageable. It also means the folks here can cram more options and spare parts on the sprues.

Gasmask equipped riders (and horses) could be neat (and creepy if a line of them were seen atop a cliff). Maybe kit them out in such a way to work as early WW-I, with options for use in Death Fields or other sci-fi cav (say as Rough Riders useable in older 40k rulesets)? For that matter, the actual Rough Riders would be an awesome set, especially if one could get an option to field ol’ Teddy Roosevelt himself.

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