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How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

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Paul Davies - February 20, 2021

I would be inclined towards 16, if the figures featured primarily only fought on foot.

But I think that might be different if the troops represented fought mounted and on foot.

In that case, and assuming that one mounted figure takes up the same space as two foot, then maybe a box would consist of 12 mounted figures and perhaps 8 dismounted.

And with say Medieval, it might even be worth deliberately designing the some of the dismounted figures to represent their mounted counterparts, which could be very useful particularly for skirmish type games.

Justin - February 20, 2021

I’d prefer 14 with 2 of those being an officer and a trumpeter

David - February 20, 2021

12 cavalry works pretty well in most game set ups – either ones where they come in sets of 4, those that require multiples of 5 (giving you a couple per set for characters etc) or fantasy games.

Depending on the specific range, the option of additional barding/caparisons would be nice

Frank Ruiter - February 20, 2021

12 regulars with 2 command set figures would be nice. Also the possibility so swap the left arms and not like the Perry’s (although top figures), who have the same fixed left arms posture in their cavalry.

Peter - February 19, 2021

I feel 12 cavalry per box is the best compromise. Those wanting less get some spare options or maybe a half unit. Those wanting larger units buy multiple boxes. Optional weapons, heads and body parts are always useful. I’m not aware however of anyone to date offering body parts to enable more than one command to be constructed from a box. This would be really useful and give so much more flexibility with unit sizes eg. If the box contains 12 mounted figures but only units of 8 are required, three units can be achieved from 2 boxes and therefore optional parts are needed to build 3 commands. One or two dismounted figures would also be good.

Ben - February 19, 2021

do however gives the best price per model. Also, leave room for swords, lances and scifi guns.

Thomas Young - February 19, 2021

12 works great , maybe 16 for light cavalry.

John Eveson - February 19, 2021

14 would be good, or 12 with some nice command options and extra gubbins.

Jack Penrod - February 19, 2021

I would say either 12 or 16, I voted for 16 because of how jam packed all your other box sets are.

James Michael Moyer - February 19, 2021

Really good comments on the first page so far.

More is better… Most of my games have cavalry units of 5 & 10 horses and it’s nice to have a mounted commander.

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