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How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

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Sukhoi - February 19, 2021

I’d like to see 8 figures as that is a good base size and it makes multiples for bigger units relatively easy. Plus there are many horse and musket period cavalry that I don’t need 14/16 of.

John - February 19, 2021

14 would be good, We use 12 for Regiments but an extra figure as senior officer would be great and one spare as an aide, messenger or spare would cover a lot of people needs

Darren Richardson - February 19, 2021

I chose 10, as some systems that have tight ranked units have minimum units sizes of 5 so 10 gives you two nice ranks.

Paul Jepp - February 19, 2021

12 to 14 figures give the option to have either a trumpeter or a standard bearer

Predrag Pribicevic - February 19, 2021

Somehow most of my cavalry has 5 models per squadron and either 3 or 4 squdrons per regiment.
15 models for me looks the best.

Simon - February 19, 2021

I like the Perry system.of 14 figures in a box, give you a couple of spare figures if needed. Most games I play, ancients and napoleonic 28mmm, small units of cavalry looks pants! It doesn’t look or feel right., Especially in a.large napoleonic battle. Ideally I like my heavy cavalry to be in 16’s and light cavalry to be in 12’s.

Tony - February 19, 2021

12 works for me, this gives the best flexibility for the different rule sets.

Pat Sibbald - February 19, 2021

12 works well to cover pretty much any unit size for the games I play in 28mm. Things I like to find in the box include
- some extra bits for a command option
- plenty of heads
- a good selections of weapons where appropriate.

Panos - February 19, 2021

The only thing important is the charging stance of the unit!

Brian R. Van De Walker - February 19, 2021
I think 15 to 16 is doable depending on sprue layout (seen it done elsewhere) so I voted for one of those options. But I feel it really depends on the subject and what sort of mounts and riders you are talking about. For example motorbikes with sidecars might be better viewed as modern chariots set wise and how many mounted war elephants can you actually stick in a box, plus some cavalry subjects may have more extra bits needs,etc.

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