How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

How Do You Like Your Cavalry?

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Rob Atkinson - February 19, 2021

12 – All I can face painting at a time. :-)

with 12 you can do them in bases of 2, 3 or 4 so gives you more options for rule systems.
Our AWI rules use 6 man units and our Crusades rules use 12 man units.


Jerome Klahr - February 19, 2021

I miss non-charging cavalry and/or light cavalry skirmishing, probably dismounted, using carbines with comerades standing by and attending to horses… or Hussars on picket duty.

Gabriel Landowski - February 19, 2021

Units of 5 or 10, so if we can get even 20 great.
as Jonathan mentions units of 10 plus an extra few for Command figures.

Andrew Thurgood - February 19, 2021

14 cavalry like the Perry’s boxes, 12 troopers plus two command figures. You then have the option of two units of 6 plus a two fig base command, a unit of 8 including command, a unit of 12 including command, etc. Buying two boxes allows two units of 12 or three of 8.

Duncan Barker - February 19, 2021

Can’t wait to see you do cavalry

David Powers - February 19, 2021

Include an officer and musician model

Andy G - February 19, 2021

How about having bareback horses with separate saddles to maximize interchangeability. You could swap horses from different sets by using the different saddles to make even greater variety of poses for them. One of my pet hates is uniformly posed horses.

Adrian Delves - February 19, 2021

Hi, I voted for a box of 12 cavalry. In a box that size I’d want enough spares for two full commands. Cheers, Ade.

Bob - February 19, 2021

I prefer having 10 in a box. For the size of cames I play, my cavalry are typically in units of 10 at most with 2 ranks of 5. Having 10 in the box makes it easier to drop the unit size down, rather than having to get an extra box or hunt for individual frames.

Russell - February 19, 2021

I’ve put 12 as that is a common unit size for Napoleonic games I play. But that’s really a minimum.

The more you can add the better.

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