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How It Started...How It's Going

How It Started...How It's Going

There's a popular meme going around showing where somebody started something and where they are now. We made our own version for Facebook last week and thought we'd share it here. 

The picture on top is our first mold being cut and on the bottom are all the current sets. 

With the release of the Giant Spiders and the Einherjar we now have 10 sets out there! The Grognard Command and Heavy Support and Iron-Core Eisenkern Stormtroopers will be out next month and the French Resistance, Lizardmen, and two unannounced Napoleonic sets will be out in January and February. Then it will be the WW1 French. So that will bring our total to 17 sets.

The sets breakdown into the following ranges:

Classic Fantasy: Skeleton Warriors, Halfling Miliita, Giant Spiders, Lizardmen (although those last two both have sci-fi parts as well!)

Death Fields: Raumjäger Infantry, Les Grognards, Einherjar, Grognard Command and Heavy Support

First Empires: Persian Infantry

Blood Oaths: Dark Age Irish

Napoleon’s Wars: 2 unannounced sets (Spanish will come after these)

Imperial Conquests: Afghan Warriors

The Great War: Late War Germans, French Infantry (British next)

World Ablaze: Partisans (1): French Resistance (and a secret set coming early next year)

Iron-Core: Eisenkern Stormtroopers (Panzerjägers are next)


At first glance this list may look a little eclectic! Part of that is just because we’re so new and haven’t had the time to flesh out each of the ranges. Our first two sets came out in June 2019 and over the last 17 months we’ve been streamlining our processes and getting things moving faster so that we can bring more sets out for you and quicker.

2021 will see the addition of multiple sets in each of the existing ranges along with sets that will establish completely new ranges covering more historical periods and genres.

Ultimately we are building toward the mythical goal of complete ranges in hard plastic! Thanks for joining us on the journey!

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Michael S Higgins - January 10, 2021

Received the WW1 Germans, excellent figures! Looking forward to adding the French! Can’t tell you how happy I am to see these WW1 figure sets coming out.

Brad - December 2, 2020

Im so excited about the WW1 French, and the fact they’ll be usable for WW2 is a great move. This is something that has been missing in plastics for far to long and I think will be a great seller for you

Drew smith - November 30, 2020

Great work! Glad to see you doing some of the lesser known stuff in plastics.

I’m going to take a stab at answering Daniel Sichel’s question.

Persians but no Greeks
Irish but no Vikings

The main reason is that Greeks and Vikings have had plastic sets for years! Why start by competing with established sets when there are units and ranges that have been languishing for decades! Over the last 10 years plastic minis have come a long way but the usual knights, Vikings, hoplites, romans got all the attention first. Finally the gaps are being filled!

Speaking of gaps! The Chinese Boxers will be good, but how about a generic Han or Tang Dynasty infantry box set? Or Ming? It’s easy to find plastic samurai but not Chinese infantry.

Pat Stoddart - November 24, 2020

All nice stuff, I too would like to see some more stuff for each period before you move to the next, but (I hope!) you are doing it for sound commercial reasons.

Daniel Sichel - November 23, 2020

I am curious about why you seem to hop from subject to subject. Persian infantry but no cav, no Greek enemies. Then you tempt us with dark ages Irish, but no Normans or Vikings to fight. I’m just curious as to why that is.

Gerrit Wruck - November 23, 2020

I´am waiting for the Boxers too. They would be great for Cathay Bannermen Conversations for Warhammer.

Magnus Aagaard-Nielsen - November 22, 2020

Wow! I didn’t actually realize how new this company is!
Very impressive!
And wonderful miniatures too! I am excited to follow along for years to come – hopefully seeing Raumjäger artillery and many more interesting kits!
My next purchase from WGA will probably be Spiders and/or Halfling militia.

Wargames Atlantic - November 21, 2020

Tim you better talk to your brother Tom!

John Harrel - November 21, 2020

Any cavalry planned? It seems Soviet Cossacks have been over looked, despite there importance to the Soviets war effort between 1944-45 (See Soviet Cavalry Operations….shameless plug for my book).

Also Bengal Lancers for Afghanistan 1880s and WWI and SyFi.

Tim Young - November 21, 2020

Your teasing about the so called secret Napoleonic sets is insane. Considering that I am an admin or head admin in the 5 largest face book Napoleonics gaming pages you might consider buttering me up some to get you mountains of free advertising.

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