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How It Started...How It's Going

How It Started...How It's Going

There's a popular meme going around showing where somebody started something and where they are now. We made our own version for Facebook last week and thought we'd share it here. 

The picture on top is our first mold being cut and on the bottom are all the current sets. 

With the release of the Giant Spiders and the Einherjar we now have 10 sets out there! The Grognard Command and Heavy Support and Iron-Core Eisenkern Stormtroopers will be out next month and the French Resistance, Lizardmen, and two unannounced Napoleonic sets will be out in January and February. Then it will be the WW1 French. So that will bring our total to 17 sets.

The sets breakdown into the following ranges:

Classic Fantasy: Skeleton Warriors, Halfling Miliita, Giant Spiders, Lizardmen (although those last two both have sci-fi parts as well!)

Death Fields: Raumjäger Infantry, Les Grognards, Einherjar, Grognard Command and Heavy Support

First Empires: Persian Infantry

Blood Oaths: Dark Age Irish

Napoleon’s Wars: 2 unannounced sets (Spanish will come after these)

Imperial Conquests: Afghan Warriors

The Great War: Late War Germans, French Infantry (British next)

World Ablaze: Partisans (1): French Resistance (and a secret set coming early next year)

Iron-Core: Eisenkern Stormtroopers (Panzerjägers are next)


At first glance this list may look a little eclectic! Part of that is just because we’re so new and haven’t had the time to flesh out each of the ranges. Our first two sets came out in June 2019 and over the last 17 months we’ve been streamlining our processes and getting things moving faster so that we can bring more sets out for you and quicker.

2021 will see the addition of multiple sets in each of the existing ranges along with sets that will establish completely new ranges covering more historical periods and genres.

Ultimately we are building toward the mythical goal of complete ranges in hard plastic! Thanks for joining us on the journey!

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Joseph Kovar - November 21, 2020

Any word on the progress of the Chinese Boxers? You’ve been teasing us since what, last April now?

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