Join in the Sausage Making

Join in the Sausage Making

We often get asked how things work behind the scenes. And I usually reply with a variation of Bismarck's quote: 28mm plastic figures are like sausages, it's best not to see them in the making. Well let's throw back the curtain!

One day perhaps we can take folks through the journey step-by-step from the first sculpting brief through to the unloading at the warehouses, but for now let's look at the sculpting side.

Here we have the first round of parts sculpted for the upcoming Afghan Tribal Cavalry set (the horses are on a separate frame that is already finished).

We've printed the parts on a 3D printer to check for fit and sizing and now we want to make some changes. These are the initial notes for the sculptor which in some cases will include separate reference images. Before we send these along though, we'd love to have your input.

Are there any other things you would want to change on the existing parts? Anything you think needs to be included? Let us know in the comments below or where this is posted on our Facebook page.


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Alex - March 5, 2021

modern weapons (ak-47, bolt-action rifle, rpg-7) compatible with afghans on foot, in order to build mujahedin

Alex - March 5, 2021

modern weapons (ak-47, bolt-action rifle, rpg-7) compatible with afghans on foot, in order to build mujahedin

Alex - March 5, 2021

modern weapons (ak-47, bolt action rifle, rpg-7) compatible with afghans on feet

Joe - September 28, 2020

Love the look of the sabers and lance. How many lances will there be?

Mark Bevis - September 17, 2020

Now then, have found a couple of interesting prints from 1816 and 1842, showing an Afghan with beehive hat and, unbelievably, a jezail with bayonet! Not in any uniform though, basically a long dress over baggy pants, and a long cloak.

We do know the Afghans had some regular infantry in the early nineteenth century, and Dost Mohammad was keen to raise some, so maybe I just found some early regular infantry. Keep the beehive hats Wargames Atlantic!

Mark Bevis - September 17, 2020

@ Sgt Guiness, if you look at contemporary prints for 1830s-1842 war, the cavalry did use spears, especially in the heavy and bodyguard cavalry units, and if these figures are to be used for 18th century cavalry, then even more so.
By the 2nd Afghan war it is true you’d no longer see spear armed cavalry.
I do have some pictures on my pc but wouldn’t know how to post them here.

The big bushy fur hats could be used for Heratis, people from the region of Herat on the Persian border, and for Bokharans and others that were invaded by the Russians in the mid-late 19th century. Agree about the addition of more variety of firearms, and the beehive hats, and they don’t look quite right somehow.

Axel - September 17, 2020

Agree with Sgt. Guiness – not sure wether regular heads and bodies go conform. If you put in heads that work for earlier cavalry or other light cavalry the bonus value would imho be greater.

Preston - September 17, 2020

I am a huge fan of the bottom-right arms unsheathing a sword. It’s a really unique component, and I’d likely buy at least one kit for that component alone.

Sgt Guinness - September 12, 2020

That’s the beginning of a very nice set. Here’s my take on things.

The beehive and fury hats were only worn by Afghan Regular Cavalry units, not tribesmen. Afghans don’t typically cover their faces like Tuareg or Berber Arabs. No spears were used, but one to use as a standard would be nice. As noted, the jezzail structure is incorrect. The addition of Martini-Henry rifles, or other rifles would be nice for variety. Many different weapons were smuggled into A-Stan so other nations rifles could also be added. Another round shield size and design would be nice.


Jim Bertolin - September 12, 2020

Loose rifles would be great, Martini Henry, etc. A proper left hand holding reins and possibly a right hand holding reins. This could be used for a horse holder if you have a standing horse or a rider leading a horse/ pack animal, etc.

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