Landsknecht Ogres on Pre-Order!

Landsknecht Ogres on Pre-Order!

The set you've all been waiting for! Last year we held a contest to collect ideas for plastic sets and then have the community vote on them. After several rounds Michael Stockdale's suggestion of Landsknecht Ogres took the prize. We are pleased to announce that they are almost with us and they are our biggest set yet (in more ways than one!) 

We've tooled up two full sprues - a first for us - so that we can give you not only a load of options for the Classic Fantasy Landsknecht Ogres but also parts to build ALL 9 models in the box as The Vain - a new Death Fields faction! 

The Vain are a group of abducted Landsknecht who after some time on the circuit succumbed to flattery and allowed themselves to be genetically modified to be bigger and stronger. Their alien owner of course didn’t explain that they would also become grotesque. They now operate as guns for hire and are lent out to the highest bidders as a supplement to regular teams on the Death Fields circuit.

Check out more and reserve yours now! 

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Y. Whateley - February 18, 2023

I wasn’t interested in the set when it was announced, but now that I’ve seen it, I’ve half a mind to dress one of these guys up as a heavy weapons guy for a space-pirate crew, and maybe some of the rest as post-apocalyptic mutants. As with the lizardmen and spider sets, I’m really appreciating the sci-fi bits!

The fantasy-style trousers with sci-fi bits don’t seem like a problem to me – paint the clothes in a camo pattern with a Kevlar body armor look to the metalarmor, and I think they’ll look fine as a sci-fi giant mutant army, and anyway they’re no weirder than any other Death Fields faction. Works for me!

Ben - December 5, 2022

Love this lot, and very happy with the scifi and frills vibe, good for the upper class bodygaurd/ inquisitor, and also a good deal for 9 as well.

Brendan Flynn - November 10, 2022

I love the very thematic look of these ogres and will certainly be adding them to my Imperial Guard ‘Orstralian’ army. I have no problem with the frilled legs, in fact I really think they add to the over all feel of the miniatures. These will be a great boost to my army, joining the small force I already have. Now to find mounts for a couple of them.

Troy - November 4, 2022

You know, when the idea of Landsknecht ogres was floated I didn’t think I would like them at all. But now…yah, still don’t like them. Shame, because the sculpts would be great without the Renni Faire pants. So instead of buying these I got 8 beautiful resin ogres on eTSY for the same price.

Ben - November 4, 2022

These are great, and I love their sci-fi vibes, which I think work very well with their livery. Great for guard or Ork, or even just stargrave and Xenos Rampant rules

John - November 4, 2022

These will fit perfect with my guard army. Love the fancy pants

TAP_M113 - November 1, 2022

Congratulations on an awesome new set!!!!
I wasn´t originally into “ogres in space” so much…but I am amazed at how well the extra options sell it well as a “Death Fields” kit. Suffice to say, a new item for the Christmas list.

Seriously, those guns are brilliantly painted…but it was the bit of lore for “The Vain” and that Beret in the leftmost sarge that sold it. These look like PEOPLE having done their faustian bargain, being disgruntled with it, and having this “one day more at the job before retirement” deal. They suitably look like MERCs, as they did come from Switzerland, Scotland, my own Spain or anywhere, anytime in history there was only an abundance of war and unsavory, but lucrative options for business.

It absolutely “clicks” with prior releases, and NOW really sells the bizarreness that is the “Death Fields” as a setting. If there is something I really, really like about this kit, is how solidly you have made each of these minis into a separate diorama, each with their own personality. Your kits in that area have always been brilliant and unmatched in cost/quality, and now options (see Bulldogs & Ooh-Rah), but lacked a bit of that individual, distinguishable pose flavor and crazy expressive (sometimes meme-worthy) faces.

Now you also breached into that with “The Vain” and “SpaceNam”.
There is a reason I have scheduled all my purchases for the next 6 months to be Wargames Atlantic, and that alone – you really listen to the people, and choose your kits based on a honest, transparently-shared thought process including surveys, market analysis and listening to the people.
It pleasantly reminds me of open-access science.
However, you also have the bravery to cleave to your artistic integrity, historical focus and personal vision for each boxset, as well as sticking to your guns and knowing when not to make last-minute changes when it would harm the product – and this steps into what makes this one of my favorite corners of the Internet.

Godspeed you magnificent people. Throw in Reptilian Overlords “Heretics”, and you will have delivered heaven to my doorstep – I couldn´t hardly ask more from any company.

Sergio - October 31, 2022

As a fantasy option these are absolutely brilliant and will definitely buy one.

The sci-fi options tho, I feel like they dont look good together with the landksnecht aesthetic, but hey, they are just an option so whatever floats your boat.

Martin - October 30, 2022

I always like ogre models, but I wish the clothing was less fantasy looking so it didn’t ruin the sci-fi aesthetic, especially with the legs.
I’ll be buying some but filling in the clothing slashes with greenstuff

Martin - October 30, 2022

I always like ogre models, but I wish the clothing was less fantasy looking so it didn’t ruin the sci-fi aesthetic, especially with the legs.
I’ll be buying some but filling in the clothing slashes with greenstuff

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