Late Romans and Panzerjäger Shipping Begins

Late Romans and Panzerjäger Shipping Begins

Two new sets are now shipping from our Australian and UK warehouses. They are en route to the US warehouse being offloaded at Long Beach, CA now. You can follow their progress on the Release Schedule page here.

Get yours here by clicking the boxes below: 

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Nick - July 31, 2021

David the Irish were constantly raiding Briton so I would assume there have been Roman v Irish battles if only skirmish sized.

David Phillips - July 31, 2021

I have ordered the romans look forward to the great battles with the Irish army… hypothetical war I guess Ireland was never invaded by rome

Marian Mull-Heidemann - July 30, 2021

Hopefully WA will recaste the Keiler and Odin soon, also I always want to get one of the antigrave StuGs.

Kevin Scrivner - July 30, 2021

Get those Romans wristwatches so they won’t be late! Punctuality is half the battle!

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