Les Grognard Command and Heavy Support Pre-Order

Les Grognard Command and Heavy Support Pre-Order

The day is finally here! The Grognard Command and Heavy Support box set is up for pre-order!

We've created four unique heavy weapons: the tri-barrel rotary cannon, the quad turret, the heavy plasma laser, and the mortar. You'll have each type on the sprue with two carriage options so you can build 2 full weapons per sprue. There are three sprues in the box so with a little ingenuity and kitbashing you can build a total of 12 heavy weapons if you want to use every last part. 

There are also crew and specialty and command figures. Build a sniper, medic, standard bearer, communications specialist, or a variety of command figures. 

There are also new female heads for the four types of existing Grognard headgear: Adrian helmet, bearskin, shako, and kepi. 

Click through here to see loads of pictures from the box and the sprues themselves. 

There are also multi-buy deals for 3, 5, and 10 boxes if you really want to build up your army!


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Ryan Allen - October 10, 2020

How many crew can the box make? It says nothing about that on the page.

Daniel Saramanho - October 9, 2020

Congrats on another kit approaching!
Hopefully they will come early December and join with my other grognards :)

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