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Les Grognard Set 2 Now in Tooling

Les Grognard Set 2 Now in Tooling

Coming in the next few months is a new set for the Les Grognards faction in Death Fields. This set will feature four large weapons on two types of carriage, new body types, new personal weapons and equipment, new command heads and female heads, and loads of extra bits to customize your troops.

These are some lower res 3D prints we used to test part fit and look/size to give you a hint at what's to come:

Grognard gunner aims her tri-barrel cannon at the enemy while her officer directs

Side view of the tri-barrel

Grognard artillery specialist takes a break to check in with command.

These are in engineering now for the sprue layout and once finalized will go directly into tooling This will be a full frame set with lots of parts and options and completely backwards compatible. There will be enough heads in the box to outfit them all with each type of headgear with both gasmask or open face along with many optional female heads.

The new male and gasmask head sprue has finished tooling as well and will be included in the Grognard restock coming later this month/early September depending on where you are in the world.

We will continue to show off parts from this set as we get closer to release.
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James Stone - August 12, 2020

Looks Outstanding. Love the initial look on these minis. Full disclosure, I have purchased other Wargames Atlantic products. So, that being said…. I Will be placing an order or two when these hit Final Press. Keep on it W.A.!!!

Berlin_Wargaming - August 12, 2020

I am Happy that you do These Kits, as I will use them for my Astra militarum in WH40k. Will you do a heavy weapons Kit for the Raumjäger Infantry as Well?
I am really looking Forward 😁👍

David - August 8, 2020

While they are rough drafts, they are a great looking preview. I’m loving the overall design and can’t want to get these models on the field.

Joonas Oja - August 8, 2020

I love these.

WOuld you considered start selling your STLs so people with 3d printing can enjoy these ? I have been printing now for year and spend more money to STL and resin than miniatures combined. Would love to support you and you work.

I would soooo love to print these and you other stuff in the future.

Liam Young - August 7, 2020

What is the difference with the “new male and gasmask head sprue”? Is this a new sprue that will be included in the regular Grognard box? Or something else? New or resculpted heads?

Dan - August 7, 2020

Still a bit rough looking, but I’m sure they’ll come out fine in the end. Looking forward to more mortar or artillery crewers.

Wiltar - August 7, 2020

YES!!! Heavy weapons teams! Those Gatling guns and mortars look AWESOME! This is the only way I would ever field a 40k Guard army. I love these minis so much and have been singing their praises to anyone who will listen. Keep being awesome!

scott rogers - August 7, 2020

these look great! keep up the good work the am using death fields and german infantry
at moment cant wait for these as going to get some dwarves kits at same time

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