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Let Slip the Dogs of War!

Welcome, friend, to our website. As this is being written in January 2019, we are just about to embark on our exciting (and somewhat terrifying) foray into plastic miniature production. We hope this is the first of many, many posts highlighting all the wonderful toy soldiers we hope to create.

Speaking of, our very first frames will be ready to show soon. The test shot plastics of the mold are almost ready.

We will be launching with two plastic sets. One is a science fiction theme and the other is a classic fantasy theme. Our third and fourth sets are in development and will be our first historical sets although they will be the start of two different periods.

If all goes to plan we hope to continue this mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and historical releases every few months.

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Chris P. Bacon - August 8, 2020

Learned of your products from a skeleton review from Luke’s APS. Seems you have a good start to some decent figures. My question is it seems you only have one kit per category. This is kind of counter productive in my opinion as most would like to have access to both sides of a conflict. Personally I’d enjoy seeing WW2 minis in 28mm scale. Think the re is a market for certain forces on both the allied and axis sides. Go for the smaller countries involved Yugoslavia Romania Finnish Norwegian ect. Also maybe look into producing a good amount of vehicles trucks jeeps tanks motorcycle and artillery would be a good market to tap into.

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