Lizardmen "Scale" Shots

Lizardmen "Scale" Shots

Matthew Leahy did some great photos with side-by-side comparisons of our upcoming Lizardmen and several of our other plastic figures. This should give you a good idea of how they match up. In tooling now and with us very early next year.



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Wargames Atlantic - December 8, 2020

Adrian we do!

Adrian Plack - December 8, 2020

Any chance they could have sci fi weapons on the sprue too.

Urist M - December 8, 2020

I’m glad to see the scaly fellas are on the slender side- these would be great as alternatives for the old “skinks” from Warhammer. These lizards ditched their blowguns for the more sensible musket, eh?

Alan McNair - December 5, 2020

Could do with some more pics of the British Rifles

Joe McGinn - December 5, 2020

Plastic rifle bugler looks great. Would love to see Dutch Belgians though!

Dave Hughes - December 4, 2020

Cant wait for the lizards :)

James Maas - December 4, 2020

I want these SO bad!
Looks great with a rifle in its hands.
Please give us this option

Scott Beil - December 4, 2020

Will the lizardmen be armed with spear and shield for fantasy?

Jonathan Jones - December 4, 2020

Would be great if lizards had muskets and sci fi options. I would love sci-fi lizards, but “weird napoleonic war” would be amazeballs

Daniel Feicco - December 4, 2020

Omg omg omg omg omg Squeeeeeeeeee XD I cant wait for these. I always loved the idea of Lizardmen with guns. Now I can possibly make an abhuman guard army of Lizardmen in 40k. While also using some of them for my stone age DnD game!

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