Lizardmen Illustration by Mark Stacey

Lizardmen Illustration by Mark Stacey

Mark Stacey has delivered again following up his wonderful illustration for the Eisenkern box with the Lizardmen!

We've just approved the sprue layout for this set and submitted the parts for the other part of the tool. As long as everything is okay with that, these will be going into tooling in a week or so and we hope to have them out in January or February. 

As shown previously, there will be parts to make them all fantasy (spears, swords), VSF (alien muskets and British ones), or fully sci-fi (banana magazine full auto guns) so you'll be able to field them everywhere from the steamy jungles of Venus, to the swamplands of your fantasy kingdoms, or the battlefields of an alternate WW2 Earth!

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Tom - November 11, 2020

Please tell me these have aome sort of one handed pistol as i would love to make them into guardsmen with the capability for Sargents.

Schulmeister - November 8, 2020

Definitely my missing piece for my prehistorical galaxy of Saurologium, my antique galaxy of Odyssea, my medieval galaxies of Directoire and Tao-worlds, my alien galaxy of Ideali, my humanalien galaxy of Interstellars, my Galactic Empire as CSI component…Hundreds of boxes to order…AAAArgh…

patrick - November 7, 2020

WOW… I have no game system for them, but I already want them…

James MAAS - November 7, 2020


Thomas A Purcell - November 7, 2020

These look fun to try out.

Dave Hughes - November 6, 2020

Want these immediately!

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