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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the top of the page to choose your local currency.
FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Make the Conquistador Cavalry a Reality in Hard Plastic!

Make the Conquistador Cavalry a Reality in Hard Plastic!

We have a winner! Conquistador Cavalry has moved out of voting and is now up for pre-production order!

This set beat out the other 11 with an impressive 1872 votes on Vox Populi. We now have to hit our pre-production goal of $6,000 to send it to tooling!

We'll be updating progress on the page in our Legion Forum here. So follow along or add your thoughts! 

So how does this all work? We want to make sure there is enough support for this set to make the investment in hard plastic. To do that we're taking pre-production pre-orders. The good news? By doing a pre-production order you're getting some hefty discounts! $29.95/£21 for a box (regular retail price will be $34.95/£25) but there are also 3, 5, and 10 box deals that give even larger discounts! 

Once we hit $6,000 in pre-production orders we'll stop taking orders and Wargames Atlantic will invest the additional funds to pay for tooling and production. When they are produced the pre-production backers will receive their boxes first. Those discounted prices will NOT be available after the pre-production period closes. Of course if we don't hit $6,000 we'll refund the money - but we expect that won't be a concern. 

We'll also be updating the Vox Populi 12 for more voting - as soon as this set reaches it's goal we'll be picking a new set to follow!

Ready to make the Conquistador Cavalry in plastic? Click Here!

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Johannes - February 1, 2024

Ok, now they added a figure with a ruff (that white Renaissance collar). Awesome!! Best idea!

Daniel - January 23, 2024

Looks great! Could you add some pistols to the frame? That will really stretch the kit a bit further.

jh Burel - January 22, 2024

Great, although the poses and heads are too similar. Can we not have a body slashing on the other side? Another big problem for me: the battle field is now very imbalanced with only one type of Aztecs, considering that more variety could be needed there too.

Krisps - January 22, 2024

Awesome, I can now add some cavalry to my project without worrying/fussing over how they scale next to the infantry. That alone excites me. I concur with Ciaran, I’d love to have some close helm (or armet) head options included, but I think asking for that would be selfish because they would enhance my personal project while not particularly adhering to the usual aesthetic conquistadors are associated with. I’ll not be let down if (when) I don’t see any in the pre-layout mock-up. I can’t imagine many are planning to use these models the way I am.

Depending on the layout, I’m hoping for more armored bodies than not. If it’s four per frame, then I’d be happy for it to be two and two – two lightly armored, two with breastplate, etc. If three, then I’m really hoping for a 2:1 ratio on bodies with a breastplate versus those without.

IE - January 20, 2024

Heads with a soft hat or bare headed would be nice. Also some heads with cabacete and bevor would be great. A head with burgonet and bevor would also be appreciated. Two dogs would be great. Maybe adding some new rodella shields would be nice. Some less armored arm options, and lightly armored torsos. One torso armor type that is missing is a brigandine. Those would not be out of place in this time period.

Ciaran - January 20, 2024

FINALLY! I was just saying how much I want these guys as hard plastic to a friend a few days ago.
As for the kit itself, I do second the comment about giving them firearms, giving use some cuirassiers to go along with lancers, maybe some loose arquebuses so we can make dragoons (since the conquistadors in Peru did mount up with arquebuses). Some close helmets would be nice to see for armies focused more on the European continent or other fictional worlds with an analogue for Spain or Italy in them.
Excited for this!

Axel - January 20, 2024

Firarms make no sense, not even for European battlefields.

I (and I assume others) will use this set mainly for creating the light cavalry that he Spanish were famours for, coming form the Jinetes – though for these the saddles are wrong and the equipment is a bid too old, so covering 1520 onwards to 1560 more then the earlier phase. At that time only very few specialied units used firearms – light spears were the weapon of choice.
I would also welcome it if the shields would slightly differ from those already on the existing sprues.

That said, a welcome addition to your 16th century Spaniards.
If anything; would prefer some less armoured arms and perhaps some heads without helmets and (on the other side) helmets with better face protection . The tapesties of the “Conquest of Tunis”, happening around 1535 and depicted shortly after, shows some nice samples.,_Duque_de_Beja.jpg

Drangir - January 19, 2024

There’s been a few if any mount-able guns in the depicted age, though so many similar weapons seems weird, but last previews from WA shows they’re likely to present work parts too. In most cases we get n, maybe n+1 of the normal weapon per sprue (with n being number of bodies per sprue)

lord_blackfang - January 19, 2024

Some more weapon types would be nice (firearms!)
If it’s a sprue of 4-6 bodies it doesn’t need 18 different spears and 12 swords.
I’d also rather have another variant of shield.

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