Winner! Conquistador Cavalry Up For Pre-Order!

  • Now up for pre-production ordering! Conquistador Cavalry here:


  • Love the set. The addition of the mastif is a great touch. Can't wait to buy a couple of sets.

    If I can maje a suggestion, less spears and a couple of pistols would increase the suitably of the set, not just for conquistadors, but also for Cuirassaires dor the English Civil War and The Thirty Years war, Warhammer Imperial cavalry and Spanish Cavalry for tercios up to the Spanish Civil war. 

  • @Vitor Soares Pistols have been suggested before, but I am not really sure if thats really accurate for the time for the Spanish cavalry. The ECW and 30YW where quite a bit later where they not? and honestly Warhammer Fantasy cavalry seem to mostly use exotic 19th century precussion cap gun designs for thier guns that have just barely been altered to wheellocks, it might be wiser to talk about doing some exoticly armed VSF cavarly that are compatable with these conquistadors, as it stands though they work fine for armored fantasy knights😉.

  • @Brian Van De Walker you are right, of course, there is a 200 year difference between conquistadors and currasiers,  my suggestion was merely to make the kit more expansive and adaptive, and more appealing for a larger audience. 

  • I would also like to see pistols on this frame since they would be usable here as well as to augment the foot conquistadors. The more options, the better! This has always been one of the best hallmarks about WGA!

  • I'd love inclusion of pistols, but it's fully understandable it won't be on the frame. An upgrade frame to "empire-up" faction would be great and could allow some crazier options.

  • Agree with others...I would prefer some pistol options to make the models more flexible for later periods. Extra sprue or STLs to cover this ?

  • I cannot wait for these! I am such a huge fan of the Conquisator line including the Ogers! 

  • @Daniel Broaddus  seconded! please add pistols!

  • @Drangir Now an upgrade sprue/STL set for fantasy and maybe even SciFi for Conquestadors as a whole is a good idea and yes there should be pistols on that, particularly since they would be facing lizardmen armed with breechloading percussion cap rifles at least.😆

    If you guys really want a historical cavalry set with pistols (wheel lock ones), the "rule of cool" useable for fantasy cavalry to ask for would be Winged Hussers not conquestdor cavalry😉.

    However there is also the Knights of Malta (which would be infantry as they where pirate knights) that kept being a thorn in the side of the Turkish empire. They are really WFB's Empireish, could honestly just be an upgarde sprue to conquestdor but would work as thier own compatable set, and most importantly they had wheellock pistols along with a couple of other items that are actually missing in the conquestdor set from a historical gaming view (like axes).

    That said I think a fantasy/VSF/pulp/SF upgrade sprue or STL set (STL would be faster) for the Conquestdor sets would be a better way to go for now since again a lot of the WFB pistols for the Empire are pretty clearly moded 19th century guns (like some of them where like  pepper box revolvers and there was even a couple that I am pretty sure were iconic 19th century double barreled percussion cap hand guns), not to mention thier main oppents are likely to be lizardmen with enfield rifles and enfield conversion rifles😆.  Plus we could get cool morion helmets gasmask headswaps that way👍.


  • That's correct. 16th c. : matchlock, 17th c. : wheellock and 18th c. : flintlock.

    Riders only really equipped themselves with pistols from the beginning of the 17th century (30 years war). Pistols were only used in cases of emergency, in close combat : no time to recharge them. Spears and swords were the main weapons until the middle of the 19th century (Crimean war, ACW, war of 1870).

    A very good link on the Web : "17th century wheellock pistols in action", Capandball.

    And I know... I seem to be insistent, but horses' ears would benefit from being corrected !

  • considering buying the conquistador kit just so this kit has a chance to be made instead of more ww2 kits,was looking for good conquistador cavalry and these will be perfect if they come out

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy Yeah, the only places that did matchlock pistols in the 16th century where Poland and Japan, and they were oddites even then.

  • For the sake of getting to use these guys for my empire army which is mostly the plastic Conquistadors having some pistols would be very helpful well also allowing me to deck out some of the foot troops with them. Is it fully historically accurate maybe not but it will be cool and a pistol or two for each hand would not hurt. I am already planning to give these guys some of the rifles from the foot troops to make outriders. 

  • @Scott Culp if its a choice between pistols and anything on the STL render they have shown here which it might be given the sprue setup for the grog cavalry, I would choose the STL render they have shown here. You can always source fantasy pistols from elsewhere.  

  • Sounding off to say I would also like the option to arm them with at least a pistol if not two per rider (I'm just going to assume the sprue would be too cramped already for 2 pistols per man x5, or even x3), for the obvious reason and also so I could kitbash said arm(s) with my foot troop, but I imagine it wouldn't really make much sense to have the pistols be in this kit of all. Honestly even 1 pistol per frame would be okay for me. Ultimately I'd be just as happy to see this kit be put into production.

    @Scott Culp I had this exact idea a couple days ago while I was brainstorming/planning my army, regarding the handgun-equipped cavalry. If nothing else, we've still got that for ranged cavalry (as a hobbyist and not a wargamer, the distinction in game value is lost on me).

  • @Krisps It would actually make more sense to have a crossbow in this set than a pistol historically if rang weapons are must. I really think they should just do this as is and then do a fantasy STL for pistols. 

  • Up for pre-production order now!


  • There's a mention along the lines of "and war dogs if we can fit them on the sprue", I would have to throw in my view of that the set should include them before trying to get the set to double as Reiter from later periods. Perhaps we could rely on the Conquistador infantry set to supply the crossbows and arquebuses, and include only a few pistols for the Reiter "double-up".

  • @Jim Heath I think the dog is a better use of space than the fantasy pistols since WFB seems to be the main to only real reason people are wanting that anachronism, and thats honestly a terrible reason since there are much better rulesets for fantasy now than that and honestly that want for pistols would be filled simply by doing the knights of Malta to fight the Turks.

  • The use of pistols in Spanish cavalery dates to the 16th century. It´s not so fantasy. In fact, in the conquistador infantery sprue they are missed. Thank you for including "montante" type manodobles in the aforementioned sprue.

  • @Eduard Garfella And I must add, that this sprue has spears beyond its capabilities. Jajajaja.

  • Lances*

  • > It´s not so fantasy

    I cannot subscribe to that. The era fitting for the fashion of these conquistadors ends around 1550, and while pistols did exist before the only showed up in sizable numbers on the battlefields of Europe around this time. Personally I am glad that they did not waste sprue space for ahistorical weaponry, as some of the other stuff would have to be scrapped for it. Demand too much, and they add a complete new sprue and cut down the body-sprues by half, as with the Mercenary Ogres :-/

  • @Axel Schudak They didn't even really exist in western europen countries in any numbers  of real note till wheellocks where a thing and I am pretty sure the Conquestdors never used any pistols despite the nonsense in poorly researched tatical computer games and hollywood films, also @Eduard Garfella just given the parts of that spanish wikipedia article I can actually read it agrees with me. Frankly this is like saying US army was using vast numbers of percussion cap breechloading rifles in the war of 1812 against the British when the gun smiths in Europe where just barely starting to make the darn things for hobbiests.

  • @Brian Van De Walker You´re right, but I think that in that frame, there are already many lances. To what extent does it make sense to have 14 lances for 5-6 bodies?

    And you leave other interesting options out. That is to say, even if marginal weapons are used for time, no one is going to force you to assemble the miniature in an anachronistic way.

    Additionally, I appeal to commercial reasons. When I made the decision to buy miniatures from this company, what attracted me the most was the brutal amount of bits that sprue included. All you have to do is see the frame of French infantry from the first half of the 20th century, and that of conquerors on foot. They are awsome, and are reminiscent (in quality) of the best times of GW.

  • @Eduard Garfella Most of those will like not make it as is (ie half of them will likely be cut) same deal with the swords, even then I don't think its worth even considering given the space limitions and the fact that the only reason you and the others are begging so hard for pistols in this set is literally just oldhammer (which is is already not doing as well as expected in a era of superor fantasy rulesets, GW should cave and ask Osprey to write thier rules😆).

    You should all just ask for an STL set of pistols and rifles to convert the cavalry for Warhammer fantasy, not beg for them in set, you will get a better varity of guns that way which actually work for that kugley system (frankly some of you would ultimatly ask for more gun STLs for this cavalry set even if WA did add a pistol or 6). 

    Honestly you would be better served with a pre-civilwar 19th century mounted Americian pioneer set if we are just talking guns considering what those old outriders had and how detailed those rules where and probably will be. 🤣

  • @Eduard Garfella I mean they are probably going to include the fully armored horse body on the same sprue, and even if they are not long spears like the lances just take up absurd amount of space on sprues and you kinda of need to keep things simple with them. Plus they might be trying to aim for half sprue for the riders if they are making the armored horses a a diffrent sprue.  Just give up on the guns already and ask for those as an STL released once they are finished.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Please note that I am not against historical fidelity and that at no time would I want these alternatives to be eliminated. If this set is concived as 16th century heavy cavalry, it makes sense that there are no pistols.

    But when I buy miniatures the first thing I see is that they have a wealth of options. And we will agree that sprues like "mercenaries of mordheim", "foot knights 1450-1500" or "mounted men at arms 1450-1500" by the Perry brothers, are luxury material more because of the number of optios they provide, more than for historical fidelity (and for not having oversized weapons). 

    On the other hand, the number of lances does not make much sense, mostly because most of us who write here assume that we will make them with a 1mm rod. I appreciate that due to theme of these miniatures it makes sense that there are pistols, which in fact are difficult to find in other plastic sprues, which would give added value to this box.

    Making an STL file is another product, which has nothing to do with this, and not everyone has 3D printer at home, so it´s another story.

    Personally, I am person more oriented to modeling and miniaturism than wargaming itself (that is, I use the game system that is used in my gaming group). But I already told that, at least in Spain, WFB an Mordheim are widely used game systems, and for the latter the guns would be very attractive (because they are difficult to find in plastic sprues).

    Finally, add that it is not appropriate to be a proxy factory for mainstream brands, but it should not be appropiate to act unilaterally without paying attention to what your consumer communities demand.


  • @Eduard Garfella

    I just told you that they are likely going to have to cut at least half of those lances as is, possibly cut three fourths them and they still won't have enough space for pistols!

    First we all saw how jam packed the Grognard cavalry sprue was without the horse bodies on the sprue. They only had one pistol and a sheathed rifle on the sprue which pretty clearly had gone through a lot of back room haggling to even get in. Given what we are seeing here in this preview, the grog set is the model we need to look at more or less for this set minus the guns they just aren’t worth adding compared to say sheathed swords.

    Just from what I am seeing here even if the sprue ultimately just has 3 lances, 3 sword arms, etc. on the frame for 3 bodies that will still take up a lot space. Particularly since it seems they are also doing the horse armor they are showing off here for at least 3 different horses (same as the grog sprue, this is a heavy cavalry set). What this means is at best it’s either one of your pistols that again didn't exist at that time and place or something else that the conquistadors did in fact have that would actually be more useful for general gaming and modeling (like feathers for the helmets, shields, sheathed swords or perhaps even the attack dog cause folks in the main US and UK markets play Frostgrave more than Mordhiem or WFB). 

    Likewise we don't know if this is whole frame or a half sprue, but single frame sets make the most money back for manufacturers, so they may even add the horse bodies to the frame making the sprue space constraints even tighter.  

    And just to clarify something, I would love to have more pistols in plastic too, I just think this remarkably dumb place to have them and you guys are all being incredibly dense about this.

    The real renaissance set for pistols would be a Knights of Malta set for sea battles, which would be a way better source of wheel lock pistols than any conquistador set (and Cavalry sets in general if you ask me). If you really want wheel lock pistols in plastic that bad why the heck are you all not vox populiing these awesome sauce pirate knight dudes instead of arguing for guns in cavalry set where there should be none?:

    You know, I am going to do God’s work and set that up myself right now so this nonsense ends.

    Also as much as I want pistols in plastic pistols, I would say the "not everyone has a 3D printer at home" isn't actually a good argument anymore in our hobby's circles since a lot of public libraries and clubs have 3D printers they are more than happy to let you borrow or rent out as well  as folks who do custom 3D printing, so you don't even need to mess with STL yourself beyond downloading onto USB drive in some cases. And I say this as someone with STL files I want to print out but no printer at home and looked into it (the only reason I have held off on printing that stuff at our local library is because my sister is vacillating about getting a 3D printer to build some prop armor, which I might add is now more like a $100 investment since some second hand shops are now carrying used 3D printers).  

  • These are updated renders of the more final parts - part #s are not finalized or the mix of parts yet. And others may be added. 


  • I am so looking forward to this. And it is good to see the option for close helms was taken to heart too. Though am I the only one who feels there's a missed opportunity with no musical instrument, like a horn, or something? Just to make a good command group of officer + musician + standard bearer?

  • It may not be the final layout but it's shaping up very nicely. Plus the close helms! I really hope those do make the final cut, I'd be ecstatic to get even two per frame. Nice selection of heads overall, and additional kudos for the feather bits (if they make it to final product, and the more, the better). Shaping up very nicely indeed. Being able to build a musician like @C A Forsyth brings up would be neat, but at this point, I would only advocate for it if it can be squeezed in without costing something important. I'm also personally hoping for more armored rider bodies than not, depending on what the layout looks like (3 bodies per sprue, 4 per, etc.).

    The only thing I don't really care for is the separate arm + weapon hand assembly examples - I'm not a big fan of kits that go with this route, however if it would be better for the layout, then I'll manage.

  • Sold out? I know the $6000 are reached (Cheers!) , but why cap out the order there?

  • @Axel Schudak Yep.

    @Krisps Closed helms are always a plus.

  • @Axel Schudak Vox Populi sets move to a pre-production order where we need to hit $6000 to then match and move to production. There are additional discounts in place for folks that put in well before tooling happens. If you don't get in then you don't get that rate. When they are tooled and ready to go they will be put on regular pre-order a couple weeks before releases at the regular price. 

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