Conquistador Cavalry

  • Love the set. The addition of the mastif is a great touch. Can't wait to buy a couple of sets.

    If I can maje a suggestion, less spears and a couple of pistols would increase the suitably of the set, not just for conquistadors, but also for Cuirassaires dor the English Civil War and The Thirty Years war, Warhammer Imperial cavalry and Spanish Cavalry for tercios up to the Spanish Civil war. 

  • @Vitor Soares Pistols have been suggested before, but I am not really sure if thats really accurate for the time for the Spanish cavalry. The ECW and 30YW where quite a bit later where they not? and honestly Warhammer Fantasy cavalry seem to mostly use exotic 19th century precussion cap gun designs for thier guns that have just barely been altered to wheellocks, it might be wiser to talk about doing some exoticly armed VSF cavarly that are compatable with these conquistadors, as it stands though they work fine for armored fantasy knights😉.

  • @Brian Van De Walker you are right, of course, there is a 200 year difference between conquistadors and currasiers,  my suggestion was merely to make the kit more expansive and adaptive, and more appealing for a larger audience. 

  • I would also like to see pistols on this frame since they would be usable here as well as to augment the foot conquistadors. The more options, the better! This has always been one of the best hallmarks about WGA!

  • I'd love inclusion of pistols, but it's fully understandable it won't be on the frame. An upgrade frame to "empire-up" faction would be great and could allow some crazier options.

  • Agree with others...I would prefer some pistol options to make the models more flexible for later periods. Extra sprue or STLs to cover this ?

  • I cannot wait for these! I am such a huge fan of the Conquisator line including the Ogers! 

  • @Daniel Broaddus  seconded! please add pistols!

  • @Drangir Now an upgrade sprue/STL set for fantasy and maybe even SciFi for Conquestadors as a whole is a good idea and yes there should be pistols on that, particularly since they would be facing lizardmen armed with breechloading percussion cap rifles at least.😆

    If you guys really want a historical cavalry set with pistols (wheel lock ones), the "rule of cool" useable for fantasy cavalry to ask for would be Winged Hussers not conquestdor cavalry😉.

    However there is also the Knights of Malta (which would be infantry as they where pirate knights) that kept being a thorn in the side of the Turkish empire. They are really WFB's Empireish, could honestly just be an upgarde sprue to conquestdor but would work as thier own compatable set, and most importantly they had wheellock pistols along with a couple of other items that are actually missing in the conquestdor set from a historical gaming view (like axes).

    That said I think a fantasy/VSF/pulp/SF upgrade sprue or STL set (STL would be faster) for the Conquestdor sets would be a better way to go for now since again a lot of the WFB pistols for the Empire are pretty clearly moded 19th century guns (like some of them where like  pepper box revolvers and there was even a couple that I am pretty sure were iconic 19th century double barreled percussion cap hand guns), not to mention thier main oppents are likely to be lizardmen with enfield rifles and enfield conversion rifles😆.  Plus we could get cool morion helmets gasmask headswaps that way👍.


  • That's correct. 16th c. : matchlock, 17th c. : wheellock and 18th c. : flintlock.

    Riders only really equipped themselves with pistols from the beginning of the 17th century (30 years war). Pistols were only used in cases of emergency, in close combat : no time to recharge them. Spears and swords were the main weapons until the middle of the 19th century (Crimean war, ACW, war of 1870).

    A very good link on the Web : "17th century wheellock pistols in action", Capandball.

    And I know... I seem to be insistent, but horses' ears would benefit from being corrected !

  • considering buying the conquistador kit just so this kit has a chance to be made instead of more ww2 kits,was looking for good conquistador cavalry and these will be perfect if they come out

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy Yeah, the only places that did matchlock pistols in the 16th century where Poland and Japan, and they were oddites even then.

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