Making the Sausage: French Style!

Making the Sausage: French Style!

No, sorry we don't have a recipe for you and this isn't a post to announce the new Wargames Atlantic Cookbook. Today we wanted to update you on the upcoming WW1/2 French plastic set. 

We have met our old nemesis: the sprue engineer! And he had this to show us: 

As you can see, not all those parts are fitting on the sprue! Sadly, this is a common issue as our enthusiasm gets the better of us and we try to cram on everything along with the kitchen sink! 

Fear not! There is a solution! We made MORE parts!

Because this set will let you cover both WW1 and early WW2 we wanted to give you even more WW2 options. So we've added more Berthier rifles along with some MAS-38s to join the backpacks and FM-24/29 light machine guns that were already in the set. 

We will be expanding onto a second sprue so that this can be a truly exceptional set. All the new parts are finished and we are in final layout now with tooling to commence very soon. We will keep you updated! 

PS All these arms will also fit our soon-to-be-released WW2 French Resistance set too. 

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Ed Rossman - January 17, 2021

I play a lot of Bolt Action (have a big WWII Early War French Army). I played my first WWI game just 3 weeks ago (with a WWI rules supplement for Bolt Action) and told everyone I’m so doing a WWI French Army. Low and Behold you guys are coming out with them. I’m so excited. And I’ll probably get second box to use a few pieces to add to my WW2 French Army. I will definitely pass on the news of the new French Army Box set to the gaming Wargaming community out here in Colorado.
(Oh, and Ditto to the Comment above to doing a French Foriegn Legion Box Set. I would snatch them up and I know there’s a demand for some high quality Legionnaires!)

David Fanning - January 16, 2021

Will these come with VB launchers?

Stuart - January 15, 2021

would be good to see proper rifles not carbines all the many figures have in effect the latter which is hardly typical

Y. Whateley - January 15, 2021

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the flexibility your team builds into these sets by including weapons and other bits and options spanning different eras, armies, genres, etc.

Alexandre Pil - January 15, 2021

Everything is great but as asked before…what about the chinese boxers? So loooong wqiting for this set

Alberto - January 15, 2021

Great stuff !! Getting forward to buy a box those will be a nice addition to my previous poilus.
Did you plan to add the MAS 36? It would be a nice touch also to see the Berthier rifles, (outnumbered the Lebel in 1918) I join Andy Sykes’s petition in his message on this one.
But to be fair this is already a really nice box !! Keep on with the good work !

Two link on french rifles in 1940 The older stuff Berthier /Lebel and the newer MAs 36

Naet - January 12, 2021

Should the box just be split into 2 then? 1 is for WW1 and 1 is for WW2?

Alexey Andronov - January 12, 2021

Looks brilliant!
When will it be available for ordering?

Andy Sykes - January 12, 2021

Please include full length Berthier Rifles, the Carbine shown above is great and Carbines were included in 1940 infantry squads, carried by ammo bearers. However if you include the Rifles it will give much greater historical use, in the variety of units that can be fielded, with this set. The Berthier Mle1916 Rifle was still the most common infantry rifle in 1940.

Almer - January 12, 2021

@Wargames Atlantic, thanks for the reply. And no worries, this is still an auto buy for me. The officer bodies of this set will find their way with friends, and make nice pulp era adventures and such.

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