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Modern Operators on Vox Populi!

Modern Operators on Vox Populi!

Now that the BEF set (which won the first round of voting) has progressed to final parts/tooling - we've added the winner of our poll: Modern Operators

This set has some designs done but we think there's a lot to change and adjust before it's ready for primetime. Here are some examples of the parts and the changes we will want to make:


You can discuss this set here in the forum: Wargames Atlantic Legion Forum and go visit the product page to get your votes in! 

We'll be picking the set that has the most votes to push forward to production in January! 

And don't forget to add #voxatlantic to any new set ideas!  

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Eduard Garfella - March 16, 2024

I miss this set. Is there news about him? You could add some MP5 bits, it is very popular and difficult to find in plastic. I can’t wait to buy some spiders, some Renaissance horsemen and some contemporary warriors…

Murgatroid Sklunk - January 9, 2024

Hey, I like the inclusion of the Pechenegs and G36! I would definitely vouch for a NATO and Warsaw Pact troops set. But I also don‘t mind the options, why not include a seperate sprue with only weapon arms and the rest as bodies with some generic items?

Nickus Biggus - December 31, 2023

I’m also very happy there aren’t any Prone figures. It would be a shame if 1/4-1/5 of the bodies were unusable for me.

Big Nick - December 31, 2023

I think the issue here is you’re trying to do NATO derived hardware and Warsaw Pact derived hardware on one set. You also have WAY too many pistol options. Better to take the pistols and shotguns out to use in a possible law enforcement/swat set later, and either trim the weapons selections down (I’d 86 the G36 rifles in this case) or split the sprues to NATO and Warsaw Pact ones that you can order more of, different sets to get, or trade with friends.

Dennis Horne - December 29, 2023

I note the single standalone M16 style weapon. Add more of these & AK derivatives with open right handed arms allowing either to be used ?
RPG7s no M66 nor Carl Gustav style LAW/MAW options.

Could make up figures with these as slung weapons?
Use with e.g. WA Afghan bodies?

Separate hats rather than heads as per Perry ACW ?

Are these intended for 28mm historic (WA Afghan) or 28mm heroic (WA Oh Rah)scale ?

Go for a small (army builder) core figure sprue plus separate Western and SinoSov equipment sprues like WA cannon fodder 1?

RedRonin - December 23, 2023

Perhaps solve the weapons and heads issue by splitting it into two sets? NATO and Warsaw Pact (yeah, I know, that second one is technically badly outdated, but seems to fit general equipment breakdown) immediately come to mind?

W2K - December 23, 2023

Tthis really looks spectacular; will be perfect for basically making all, or well, most, of today’s militaries in miniature, and this gives me a ton of ideas, such as reenacting encounters between modern humans and aliens or ancient creatures/cryptids in wargaming. This will be fun!

Y. Whateley - December 22, 2023

I like the variety of weapons! In fact, I kinda wish there were more, but I appreciate the variety that is there. A shame there isn’t enough room for all that and more!

This might seems a bit risky, and maybe it is, but if anything were to need to get sacrificed from the weapon variety, perhaps it would be the M4/M16 type rifles and SAWs: save them for a compatible dedicated modern US forces set instead, that can be kitbashed against this set for more variety.

As an alternative, this looks like it would be a fun set of weapons bits to mix with the Wargames Atlantic Afghans, and maybe the AKMs, Dragunov/PSLs, and RPGs might better be moved to an Afghans II set (making use also of the currently digital-only Afghan conversion bits set), leaving these operators with the G32, M16/M4 and SAW options and freedom to kitbash between the Afghans II and operators?

I can’t help thinking that submachineguns, grenades, and shotguns are conspicuous by their absence, but again, those might best be saved for another, compatible set?

The variety of pistols might be gratuitous – I’m a civilian, though, do pistols get this much action in the Real World, vs. rifles and squad automatic weapons?

I wonder if this concept might be open to an “Operators I” and “Operators II” multi-set presentation, so that there can be more variety in bodies and heads (baclavas, shemaghs…), and a way to spread the selection of weapons out across multiple sets?

Whatever the best way to manage the weapon variety, this looks like it’ll be another great set, and it seems to me it’ll mix well with sci-fi bits from the Cannon Fodder and Ooh-Rah sets (and probably other Death Fields and Iron Core sets and sprues!)

Dan - December 22, 2023

What I would like to see is some troops in prone positions. I would say that 99.8% of miniature makers don’t or are afraid to do this.

Adam - December 21, 2023

I think, that all the bodies are too “original.” Like don’t get me wrong, they look great if you want to make squad of 5, but when you have box of 30 they would just look weird. It would ve great if the bodies had same, or at least similar, armours

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