Must Contain Minis: Aztecs Review!

Must Contain Minis: Aztecs Review!

Must Contain Minis is back with a comprehensive review of the new Aztecs set including builds and size comparisons. Check out the video here: 


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Pierre - May 17, 2022

A very nice kit. The warriors of the First peoples of America are extremely rare in plastic, and as I am Basque, son of a First people in Europe, with “cousins” in South and North America, I appreciate…

Izugarri handia da ! It’s awesome !

Orain, gudari irokesak, apatxeak, maiak, kitxuak eta baita maputxeak ere ikusi nahiko nituzke… Now I would like to see Iroquois, Apaches, Mayans, Quechuas, and even Mapuche warriors…

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