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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


New Death Fields Faction: Cannon Fodder!

New Death Fields Faction: Cannon Fodder!

A new faction is coming to the Death Fields circuit: Cannon Fodder!

Although recruiters have hunted for the finest warriors of Earth and other worlds to add to team owners' stables over the centuries, not everyone is suited for the relentless and brutal never-ending cycle of battle, death, and rejuvenation that defines the Death Fields. Some refuse to fight, some slowly go insane, some just lose the will to live.

And there are the failed teams. The warriors who just can't cut it or whose strategy, training, or cunning have fallen behind new, younger franchises. 

Never willing to lose revenue, teams can generate one last bit of profit by selling or trading their broken players to become part of the Cannon Fodder. 

The Cannon Fodder are the misfits, rejects, rebels, and failures combined en masse to take on another team one last time. These matches almost always end in their utter defeat but the spectacle of the horde of Cannon Fodder making one last, desperate attempt for survival can generate some of the highest ratings of any match in a season.

We will have more to show over the coming weeks prior to release. 

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Mal - April 30, 2021

Sign me up!!!! These are perfect for my current project!

Angel Rodríguez - February 7, 2021

When can I make the pre-order?? =(

Sebastian - January 23, 2021

Will there be enough bomb collar head options to kit out the entire unit?

Jeff - January 20, 2021

Zippers are just over the top too large. Please consider reducing the zipper size so to increase the usability for multiple projects. No one needs zippers that large.

Jezz - January 18, 2021

This kit looks like it will be awesome. I’m definitely gifting a couple when they become available, they’ll look great in my friend’s genestealer cult army.

James - January 17, 2021

Heck, I think the zippers look great, and I tremendously appreciate that they’re coarse enough Ill be able to dry brush them with my slightly shaky hands. These sculpts will be lovely to paint, and that big front detail will help them not look like solid jumpsuit colored blobs.

Wolfgang Piranhafishthethird - January 16, 2021

Loving the great ‘James Bond esq henchmen’ (You only live twice!) Springs to mind.

Love the fact that you choose a quirky approach here. The last thing I want to see is yet more GW proxies, championed time and again by those, whom unfortunately have GW blinkers on when it comes to pseudo sci-fi miniatures.

And I live in Nottingham in the same postcode area as GW HQ and am three streets away from Warlord Games ! Yes! I’m surrounded by plastic miniature manufacturers and relish the thought that there now exists another company brave enough to buck the current trend in plastics and create truly original miniatures.

I’ve championed Mark Mondragon too. It’s great to see your partnership with him. I’ve conversed with him on a number of occasions and his work needs to be brought to life.

So please do not be swayed by those whom are only looking for cheap GW proxies and stick to your guns.

Perhaps, I’m too cynical these days and having been born in the 60’s having been around the likes of GW ..(Citadel miniatures) since the late 70’s. I’m bored of the GW monopoly.

There already exists a lot of manufacturers pushing GW proxies etc. It’s nice to see a company really look to be different.

Long may it continue.

Thor - January 16, 2021

I think they have far to large zippers and need a good optional cuirass

Walter - January 12, 2021

These look fantastic – you guys are on fire just now with a superb eclectic range of excellent models that is growing so quickly! Love this set, agree with other comments on zippers. Would love to see a bare arms options, and optional shoulder armour plates – but small and simple.

Cayce - January 9, 2021

Looks great! My only comment is that some diversity in the heads would be nice. If these cannon fodder are supposed to be assembled from an array of Death Fields teams, it’s odd that they should all share the same facial structure.

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