New Death Fields Faction: Cannon Fodder!

New Death Fields Faction: Cannon Fodder!

A new faction is coming to the Death Fields circuit: Cannon Fodder!

Although recruiters have hunted for the finest warriors of Earth and other worlds to add to team owners' stables over the centuries, not everyone is suited for the relentless and brutal never-ending cycle of battle, death, and rejuvenation that defines the Death Fields. Some refuse to fight, some slowly go insane, some just lose the will to live.

And there are the failed teams. The warriors who just can't cut it or whose strategy, training, or cunning have fallen behind new, younger franchises. 

Never willing to lose revenue, teams can generate one last bit of profit by selling or trading their broken players to become part of the Cannon Fodder. 

The Cannon Fodder are the misfits, rejects, rebels, and failures combined en masse to take on another team one last time. These matches almost always end in their utter defeat but the spectacle of the horde of Cannon Fodder making one last, desperate attempt for survival can generate some of the highest ratings of any match in a season.

We will have more to show over the coming weeks prior to release. 

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Hasan - January 9, 2021

Seriously, penal legion! You guys are awesome. I love them just the way they are. You guys keep blasting it outside of the box and its great . Everyday i skirt your site and build a basket. Everyday I change it because you guys bring out something else that drives me crazy. Keep going. Ignore any negative feedback you guys. You are awesome!!!!

Alex - January 9, 2021

You should give them civilian cap and workers hat, for make militia/technical personel

Jules Moles - January 8, 2021

Agree those great big ol zips make them look like action figures. Rather fit some ammo pockets and give them a better helmet like the old but useful helmets from original Imperial Guards (you know the ones I’m talking about) very good poses though and the weapon selection looks good too.

Frank Frey - January 8, 2021

Great looking Gruntz!

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - January 8, 2021

Here and now, I’m not really interested. I say YES for technical soldiers with good work-suits (boots or rangers, loose trousers, shirts, suspenders ?) and overalls (integral or not, like Feldjacke of the Panzertruppen).
For exemple, I would prefer to see vertical zippers or great pockets on chest sides and trousers…
Once is not custom, I’m not convinced. Sorry.

Drew - January 8, 2021

Nice I’m really looking forward to your game until then so many plans for Guard regiments

LD - January 8, 2021

Excellent! I just got 5 boxes of various troops very impressed!

Reg Knight - January 8, 2021

These look awesome, but I am unsure about the giant zips. I get that they are boiler suits, but can’t they just have fatigues that could double as prison uniforms? Apart from that they look great and good alternatives to many factions such as Guard [including Penal Legion :-) ] and humans that have been altered by the genes of an alien species ;-)

Stephen Wilson - January 8, 2021

These boys would make some interesting cultists for a chaos warband….. Ohhh you guys…. It’s just too good

Dylan Masson - January 8, 2021

While the bodies look basic (that is the point), with a few accessories, you have everything from starship crew to penal legionaries. Once I see the sprue layout, I’ll have a better idea of how I am going to tweak these.

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