New Range: Warring States!

New Range: Warring States!

In partnership with sculptor Michael Sng we are going to bring Ancient China to your battlefield in 28mm hard plastic! 

Work is well-progressed on the first Armoured Infantry set and Michael has produced a video to explain the thinking behind the range and what to expect. It's also a great primer on the period! 


We are collecting the final sculpts now and will move to engineering and layout soon. Here are some of the parts that may be included in the set (part count not yet final): 

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Y. Whateley - October 19, 2021

Looks great!

A heads-up for anyone eagerly awaiting some spoilers for upcoming sets: Wargames Atlantic does mention this Warring States Infantry set, along with a handful of new sets mentioned there that I haven’t seen announced or revealed anywhere else on this site or in the email newsletter – including Franks, Bavarians, a new Roman set, an Old Guard Army set, two Egyptian sets, and two Indian Mutiny sets… and that’s on top of no less than TEN “secret” sets that are mentioned which have not been spoiled anywhere except the “guess what this is” pictures from the email newsletter!

Seriously: check out that Release Schedule – looks like Wargames Atlantic has been very busy lately! :)

Ola Pettersson - October 4, 2021

Lovely miniatures!

Hopefully Ming and Song chinese will follow when this range is completed.

Jason Hubbard - October 2, 2021

Looking forward to getting my hands on these. I have some metals for this period, but plastics would be so much better.

Russell Briant - October 2, 2021

Quite a buzz around our Wargaming club today from this announcement. Well done.

Looking with high interest. Have long wanted to build a Chinese army from this period.

Axel - October 1, 2021

My favourite for Chinese would be a Ming set (or a couple, as it covers a LOT of army over two centures, with almost no love in metal and none in plastic yet), but this looks very promising, too. I surely will make me a couple of units.

Please keep it close to history, and do not push THIS set into fantasy or folklore. It also does not need rules – at most, explanations on how to use the army in existing rulesets.

Preston Cauley - October 1, 2021

As a DBA player, I’ve already got full rules for this period and am really excited to pick these figures up when they come out!

Kevin Allen - October 1, 2021

I am loving these foot troops especialy the option for ji or dagger-axes, if you take the sprear heads off, don’t whatever you do exclude these from the parts selection. If they are being accompanied by some horse sprues Light Horse archers and Cavalry and the occassional 4 horse heavy chariot sprues, I will be really happy. Especially if horse archer bows fit the foot troops hands to facilitate some light psiloi as opposed to heavy crossbow.
Liking these a lot.

Daniel T. Lillis - October 1, 2021

Thank you, for 20years I have been waiting for ancient Chinese Armies, Finally I may get my Army and in Hard Plastic to boot. Thank you Wargames Atlantic I’m now going to be poor for at least the next couple of years were do I send my Paychecks is there a rough estimate on when it may it the streets and will there be more, like different dynasties, thank you again.

Arrigo Velicogna - September 30, 2021

‘If we can get a full game with rules and various different unit types,’

do you know… Warring States Chinese are included in all mainstream ancient/medieval rules. We do not need a full game with rules…

‘do you want Romance of the Three Kingdoms tabletop? Because this is how we get Romance of the Three Kingdoms Tabletop.’

Yes, but also plenty of no. Three kingdoms armors and troop types were quite different, as befitting to something happening around four centuries later. Chariots had basically disappeared and cavalry has become heavier and heavier (with Cataphracts mentioned). This is a very good late Warring State period set, based on archeological evidence and sound guesses. Watching Michael Sng explaining his choices in the video was great. But the set is deeply anchored in the Warring States era not in the Tree kingdoms (as the sculptor also notes). Another good thing is that the set is multipurpose, it give you basically all the core infantry types.

Anyway looking forward to it, also to cavalry and chariots when they will come out.

Stilton Disco - September 30, 2021

Very interesting. If we can get a full game with rules and various different unit types, this could be an absolute banger.

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