New Range: Warring States!

New Range: Warring States!

In partnership with sculptor Michael Sng we are going to bring Ancient China to your battlefield in 28mm hard plastic! 

Work is well-progressed on the first Armoured Infantry set and Michael has produced a video to explain the thinking behind the range and what to expect. It's also a great primer on the period! 


We are collecting the final sculpts now and will move to engineering and layout soon. Here are some of the parts that may be included in the set (part count not yet final): 

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Maximus Bob - March 22, 2023

Warring States has 46 votes as of this date. I know Atlantic have said that all of the entries on Vox Populi are being made and some will be made even without the highest number of votes to fill up the release schedule. I hope this is one of them for this year!

Andrew - March 22, 2023

Whatever happen to this? Most East Asian themed miniatures focuses on Sengoku Japan so this would be an awesome welcome. I’d buy a couple of boxes.

Rich - February 16, 2023

Looking forward to these
Hopefully very soon

Bryan Edwards - January 30, 2023

Any more news as to when they are available

John-Paul - October 27, 2022

Ultra excited to buy like 10 boxes of these… Any ETA?

Allan - April 23, 2022

When these are ready I’m going to need 300 infantry and at least 18 chariots.
You can’t have just one warring states army.

Phil Sayer - December 31, 2021

I can’t believe you’re doing Warring States miniatures!… I’ve been scouring the net looking for anything ancient Chinese, but to get the actual Warring States period itself, just amazing.

I have dedicated the last several years of my life to studying the wisdom of the Hundred Schools of Thought and attaining the Dao. To be able to combine this with my miniature wargaming hobby is just incredible.

I cannot wait until these come out. When will they be available?? Thank you!

Andrew - December 31, 2021

These look great but I agree regarding moulded flags. Much better to have a nice clean standard pole that we can add flags to using materials and methods of our choice. Either purchased, printed, or painted. I usually just paint on to paper then use watered-down white glue to give some shape. In truth probably not a big deal as easy to cut off and replace with a wire standard as long as the moulded flag isn’t attached to other parts of the miniature. So maybe just avoid that if possible? Anyway overall a minor point. Love your expanding range of minis and especially looking forward to the goths and Egyptians👍

Johan Delannoie - November 12, 2021

That’s what I need, awesome.

John - November 2, 2021

Michael – thank you for a great video – I’m looking forward to buying some boxes.

Please could you release some painting guide information when the box is released? I have found it hard to get believable information, probably because it was all about 2500 years ago… The background you provided in the video was REALLY good, both images and dialog. This is from someone who doesn’t usually watch videos and prefers written information

Looking at the parts image, I would suggest no flags, leaving room for more heads and so on on the sprue. I prefer printed flags – my freehand skills are limited and printing a separate flag is easier than adding a decal to a plastic flag. I would suggest some different helmet styles in addition to the existing, including officers maybe



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