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New Roman Plastic Preview!

New Roman Plastic Preview!

The Gangs of Rome Kickstarter by our friends at Footsore is on a fabulous run and they've just unlocked our joint project: hard plastic Roman gangs/mob! 

This multi-part hard plastic set is unlocked now as an add-on to the Kickstarter and will also be released as one of our standard plastic boxes after the Kickstarter has shipped. 

You will be able to build out the figures as Roman citizens, gang members, and even gladiator types. A very versatile box that will work for many Roman periods and be a fantastic base for conversions and kitbashes as well!

Check out the Kickstarter here

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Alan - September 22, 2023

What is the possibility of either a frame or two of females or evena separate female box?
Maybe even Roman townsfolk? The innocent bystanders.

Harold Gordon Steele - April 17, 2023

Please could we have some wicker shields ?

Kim SJ - March 28, 2023

Also my slavery revolt army here. Please put some stone throwing hands and wicker scutums.

Rohan - March 28, 2023

I am not a player of Gangs of Rome, though some of the miniatures are useful as civvies and characters for my Ancient games. That would be why I would buy this box if the figures were suitable.

I hope the above picture is of drafted computer images as the arm & neck connections seem very average/clumsy & would need a lot of putty work. Also if this is a civilian pack, there would need to be women as well as the men & not scantily clad gang members that are in metal already, but the average angry citizen or slave from the Subura.

I would also hope that most of the left arms did NOT have wrap around protection – the could be separate glue on option, rather like helmet crests, cloaks & hair extensions in some other kits. The weapons selection should not only include swords, knives & clubs, but sickles, staves, bricks, pots, stones, rotten veges & dung! Really anything that can be picked up in the town or country.

Perhaps even the idle onlooker urging others on?

just some thoughts!

Eric Howanietz - March 28, 2023

Holy crap, these are going to make an absolutely fantastic foundation for Fraturnas Militia. Just stick a Las or Auto pistol on these guys and they are good to go.

Not to mention these guys will make one hell of a tavern brawl come to life in any D&D game.

Gavin - March 28, 2023

Fantastic idea and I’ve already got my name down for a box. Very early days but are there any thoughts towards a mixed females and elderly/ kids to mix into the mobs of Rome?

Porsenna - March 28, 2023


Y. Whateley - March 28, 2023

Looks like this will be another great multi-use set: these guys could make great bandits, rebels, mobs, conscript skirmishers, gladiators, and more for historic and fantasy games.

Kid Cthulhu - March 28, 2023

I just want to say I love how WGA handles how the arms attach in these historical kits; ball & socket for bare arms, flat joins for the sleeved arms. This approach was really useful in assembling my sprue of WGA Dark Age Irish.

I’m really looking forward to this kit.

Dan T - March 28, 2023

Paint them with hose/tights and they’re medieval peasants haha

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