New Set Announcement: British Infantry (1916-1918)

New Set Announcement: British Infantry (1916-1918)

We can present the first batch of sculpts for the next set in our Great War range: British Infantry (1916-1918)! 

(open image in a new tab for a close up)

This is where we are in the sculpting process. We have some more arms and another body pose to do.

These could also be useful for the pre-war period, the interwar period (VBCW anyone?), and with a bit of squinting even into WW2! (Although probably better left to our World Ablaze range!)

Let us know what you think of them below and we will continue to move them along! Which WW1 set should we tackle next? Post your thoughts and maybe we can have a poll on it.

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Heinrich - August 17, 2021

They look nice, but would look really great with Pith Helmets.

An extrovert paints - August 17, 2021

Italians, please!! With some arditi, Bersaglieri, and Alpini head options!

Stuart - August 17, 2021

A British WWI infantry set is most welcome. Good to see Lewis guns included. One of my grandads was a Lewis gunner in WWI and it would be great to be able to depict him and his pals. A few comments though. Personally, I would sacrifice the Sikh heads in favour of Australian – although a separate set of Empire heads would be even better. Covered helmets would be more useful than the peakless Brodrick cap, which saw little service in WWI. If the round cap with the flaps over the top is meant to represent the “gor blimey” cap, it looks a bit too small and rounded; typically, this was a shapeless mess of a hat – hence the name.

British cavalry, with ammo bandoliers instead of webbing/pouches, or Russians would be my choice for the next set.

sister lilia - August 17, 2021

please do anzacs and turks next! i’d love to do some form of galipoli board with anzacs vs turks on it

Lionel - August 17, 2021

Great !!! Just hoping that they will scale well with Empress Miniatures ones…

Mark Hargreaves - August 17, 2021

Have been looking forward to see what you will do with Tommies. The Indian heads are wrong for the uniform and equipment sculpted on the five bodies. Indian uniform and equipment was distinctly different. Also, there appears to be a arm throwing a “potato masher” stick grenade. Mills Bombs would be more appropriate. Too many helmeted heads are wearing the chin strap under the chin. Far better to sculpt this going round the back of the head. Re-work the heads wearing peaked “soft caps” as they all look like modern Guards Officers. Try trench caps instead, these will be far more appropriate for the 1916-18 time frame. What are you intending to do for officers? True, some adopted wearing Other Ranks service dress tunics when in the front line, but not all!

Seamus - August 17, 2021

These look awesome!!

I maintain that Italian Alpini should be next.

Steve Stanley - August 17, 2021

Bit surprised at head choices…Indian troops in WWI had longer shirt-tunics and 1903 equipment….Whereas glengarrys and Balmoral would give lowlandrs or RIC Auxiliaries

Rich Humble - August 17, 2021

Nice again

Please can we have bayonets as an extra not fitted? Fixed bayonets limits their usefulness a bit and chopping them off isn’t easy!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Warren - August 17, 2021

Amazing options right here

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