New Set Announcement: Cannon Fodder 2!

New Set Announcement: Cannon Fodder 2!

Following hot on the heels of the first Cannon Fodder set is an all-female version! 

Cannon Fodder 2 features six new female bodies and a wide variety of heads and arms including new bare heads. We've added some new weapons and poses as well.

All the arms in this set can also be used with the existing Cannon Fodder set to add even more variety to your army.

These are in final design check and about to go to file prep. No release date yet but not too far away! 

Here are some of the poses that can be built: 

Clearly a former Russian team member using the left-hand cocking technique!


We will work hard to get these to you as fast as possible!

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William Lydon - November 6, 2021

I hope we get a bandanna head, for that “Smart” Gunner look, if you catch my legally distinct, jist.

Jon Glass - November 6, 2021

These look outstanding and even better than the first set. Can’t wait to get some of these.

Daniel Feicco - November 6, 2021

I just want to say I love the diversity of models you all put out.
Like now I can feel very equal opportunity as both the sexes die in droves fighting aliens.

Seriously though great stuff!
I look forward to their Command/Heavy weapons set
As well as please get us the Raumjager and the Einherjar Command/Heavy weapon sets also!

Thank you again for being such an awesome company!

MB - November 6, 2021

Awesome idea! Females make up more than half of humanity, but unfortunately only a tiny fraction of available sci-fi minis. My daughter wants an army of female figs. Finally she has a choice of Dad-approved (ie: tasteful, and sensibly armed and armored) models. These will be a perfect fit for Stargrave. Thank you!

Y. Whateley - November 5, 2021

Great-looking set – I’ll be sure to scoop up a bunch of both Cannon-Fodder sets, with some of those Death Fields Accessory Sprues, too!

Can’t wait to see what else Wargames Atlantic has in their bag of tricks!

Wargames Atlantic is absolutely my favorite wargame miniatures manufacturer! :)

Kid Cthulhu - November 5, 2021

I cannot WAIT for this box. Definitely will grab a box of both Cannon Fodder as soon as this one becomes available.

Scott Beil - November 5, 2021

If nothing else I will buy a set of these to use for bits. Extra female heads and such great for conversion.

Clive Dudley - November 5, 2021

I do not need more sci-fi figures….I do not need more sci-fi figures….I do not need more sci-fi figures…. Ooohh!! Female cannon fodder!

FrankR - November 5, 2021

Interesting… very interesting… female Cannon Fodder… great idea…

Bob - November 5, 2021

So excited for these and the other cannon fodder perfect for stargrave and five parsecs from home. Love tons of heads

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