New Set Announcement: Cannon Fodder 2!

New Set Announcement: Cannon Fodder 2!

Following hot on the heels of the first Cannon Fodder set is an all-female version! 

Cannon Fodder 2 features six new female bodies and a wide variety of heads and arms including new bare heads. We've added some new weapons and poses as well.

All the arms in this set can also be used with the existing Cannon Fodder set to add even more variety to your army.

These are in final design check and about to go to file prep. No release date yet but not too far away! 

Here are some of the poses that can be built: 

Clearly a former Russian team member using the left-hand cocking technique!


We will work hard to get these to you as fast as possible!

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Cayce P - November 5, 2021

Oh my gosh! This set looks amazing! I can’t wait to pick up a bunch of these as conscripts for my Grognards!

david evans - November 5, 2021

Can’t wait to get them here in the U.K.

Bill - November 5, 2021

I dont really need these, but will buy a set of both cannon fodder and some upgrade sprues for a starwars “prisoner escape” adventure I am planning. Plus i have to by the female set to encourage you guys to do more.

David Phillips - November 5, 2021

my normal death fields still has’nt come yet cause of the shipping problem. I might buy these but i’d probably rather just buy more men

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