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News Roundup - Week of January 11, 2021

News Roundup - Week of January 11, 2021

We have a lot of irons in the fire right now and we are constantly making posts on our Facebook page but we know many of you don't use it. Here are some of the highlights from the week. 

Matthew Leahy has begun to paint the French WW1/2 3D prints for the box art (don't worry that bayonet will get straightened once he's done!)

We've been working to add more weapon and head options to our Conquistadores set. In some cases these aren't 100% accurate to Cortes' Spanish expedition, but they will allow you to use these as more general 16th Century European infantry types. (These are VERY low resolution 3D prints to check part size and fit)


We also showed some hastily-built versions of our upcoming Prussian Reserve and British Riflemen sets. These are the final plastic with a Perry British miniature to compare size. 



And finally we showed the start of Mark Stacey's artwork for the Cannon Fodder box set. We'll be showing the full color version soon.

We also wanted to let you know that the Eisernkern and Grognard Command/Heavy Support boxes are en route to our warehouses in both the UK and US (already out in Australia/Asia). We've been told the train from NYC to Atlanta should arrive Thursday and the delivery in the UK will happen early next week. 

French Resistance and British Riflemen are all en route arriving in Australia on the 19th and in the US and UK the first week of February if the schedule holds. Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve are with the freight company and readying for shipment. 

Have a great weekend and we will be back with more news soon!

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Paul breau - January 16, 2021

thought i saw something about napoleonic spanish infantry is that going to be a thing to look for

Joshua - January 16, 2021

I love the versatility of the Conquistadores! 100% accuracy isn’t necessary, and the aesthetics are great. Planning on making an entire Empire army out of them. Hoping there is some command too!

Ian Spence - January 16, 2021

How far away from production are the Afghan Cavalry to support the Afghan foot figures? My foot warriors need support!

Axel - January 16, 2021

Just commenting on the Conquistodores:
Nice, though I am quite sure that two-hand swords were no staple weapon of the Spanish forces – they used Rondeleros. If used at all it was an exception, though having them on the sprue is certainly no waste for the rule of cool.
Pikes: The average pikelength was 4.7m in Europe, so these look a bit on the short side. Perhaps just some open hands to provide your own pikes would suffice?
I like the pike tip, though. Fitting for Imperial and Landsknechts, while the Swiss had longer ends. A set of hands that allow for a pike (or polearm, or arquebus) rested on the ground would be great, too. Personally I will likey use the first mini with the two-hand sword to drill that out and replace it with a pike
Overall I am delighted by your willingness to transform comments here into printed concepts :-)

Garfield - January 16, 2021

Great stuff, as always! Keep em coming and never change.
With each new release of you guys, I keep regretting some kitbash I did, or some metal miniatures I bought long ago. Now available in glorious, detailed plastic.

Y. Whateley - January 15, 2021

Great stuff as always! Those Cannon Fodder guys look like they’ll be all kinds of useful for near-future armies, cyberpunk security guys, colonial marines, and the like. I can’t wait to see the final product!

Nathan - January 15, 2021

I can’t believe how much awesomeness you guys are doing! Keep them coming!

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