Next Sets: Halflings, Les Grognards, Persians, and more.

Next Sets: Halflings, Les Grognards, Persians, and more.

Our next sets are getting closer and will kick off a stream of steady releases into 2020.

First up are the Classic Fantasy Halflings.

The set will feature 40 figures with weapon options including: sling, bow, pike, halberd, sword, and command options.

After this we have Les Grognards, the second box for our Death Fields range. The box will include 24 figures with weapon options including standard rifles, grenade launchers, plasma weapons, heavy laser weapons, flame throwers, swords, pistols, and more.

Because Les Grognards are actually four French teams that have combined over the centuries, there will be four unique head types (with open face and gasmask versions of EACH for ALL figures in the box).

These will be quickly followed this year and early 2020 with our Persians, Dark Age Irish, and three new historical sets that we've been working on along with another addition to the Classic Fantasy range.

No hard release dates yet until we have the final, approved test shots in hand but expect more news on all of these over the next few weeks.

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