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You've Chosen! December AND January Themes!

You've Chosen! December AND January Themes!

We had a fast response for the call to votes on the December theme with the "What If?" category rocketing to the top. A close second was perennial favorite "All Things Africa" - so we're doing both! 

We'll tackle "What If?" for December and "All Things Africa" will be our January theme! Feel free to post below, or on our page at MyMiniFactory, or on the forums, or our Facebook Group with your ideas for these themes for the 11 ranges. We have a few already but the more the merrier! 


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Y. Whateley - November 27, 2023

I’m with Iain Sloan’s suggestion on retro sci-fi – I like retro sci-fi of all sorts, from the “Victorian sci-fi” of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, to the pulps, to sci-fi movie serials and 50s “B-movie” sci-fi, to the likes of ‘60s era Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. It seems to me there’s plenty of room in Death Fields and in Classic Fantasy for a variety of incarnations of this sort of thing..

Bryan Younts - November 13, 2023

For Alt history, White Russian WWII troops are always a favorite idea I’ve seen. Axis Chinese (what with the German trained Chinese being an actual thing) would be a fun way to have squads of Chinese with MG42s and full auto, stocked Mauser Broomhandles. Speaking of alt history Axis, German occupied Japan a la Jin Roh could be really cool, along with “later” war (1946-1950s) Germans with Sturmgewehrs and Vampyr scopes and other planned weapons. One set might be able to do double duty with some Asian and European heads.

For all things Africa, some Afro-futurism Death Fields and Fantasy figures that are Afrocentric instead of eurocentric would be great if handled properly.

Adrian - November 13, 2023

During the civil war the king of Thailand (if I remember correctly) offered Lincoln war elephants to help in the war but Lincoln declined, but WHAT IF he said yes.

Iain Sloan - November 13, 2023

How about near future/scifi armed/ unarmed space suited figures.. Cold war gone hot any time from 47 on. Civil wars in the modern period (second British or American). British involvement in the ACW. Retro Scifi TV series style. and finally some female miniatures for any period to add variety not necessary to be full sets but small sets. Victorian steam punk.

Adrian Matthews - November 12, 2023

For all things Africa, World ablaze, Italian Colonial colonial Calvary, or early war British camel riders would be super cool

AikasMX - November 10, 2023

Maybe something for the Ottoman Empire in Africa, if not another vote for Zulu. For the DeathFields some Aztec warriors could be amazing!

Two Flush Tommy - November 10, 2023

Everyone made great suggestions so far.
Alt History : American Hippo Cavalry
Yiddish Alaskan Police Detectives

Death Fields: WW2 Japanese Soldier Holdouts
Afghan Northern Alliance
Teutonic Knights
Wojtek the Bear

All Things Africa: Rhodesian Security Forces
San Bushmen
Tuareg Militia – Libyan Civil War
Maasai Warriors

Fantasy: lawyer-friendly Uruk-hai
Robed cultists
Bear warriors

Felix Gonzalez - November 10, 2023

I would absolutely love to purchase for my own army, a home grown British 24th Infantry, Zulu wars. It would definitely be a great sight to field a whole regiment of futuristic soldiers donned in the British red tunic and white ammunition bags on their chest. A rare sight to see I have been working on my own home brew army, but pictures tell a greater story than a few misplaced words.

Chris Pryme - November 10, 2023

Azande and the Hausa=Fulani emirates. both purely historical and sci-fi/Afro Futurism.

Red - November 10, 2023

Stuff for the Mahdist war. Mahdists, Egyptian, Bashi-Bazouks…

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