North and South America - Spiders, Einherjar, Grognards!

North and South America - Spiders, Einherjar, Grognards!

Our long national nightmare is over: they are off the boat, out of Customs, off the train, and finally in the warehouse in Atlanta. Bridge Fulfillment are busy bees getting them unpacked and inventoried so that the orders can be input into the system and they can start fulfillment. We expect them to all be on their way to you this week. Thanks again for your patience!

Next up: Les Grognard Command and Heavy Support, Iron-Core Eisenkern Stormtroopers, French Resistance, and a secret Napoleonic set!

After that: yet another secret Napoleonic set and the Lizardmen.

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Balken - November 12, 2020

I hope those secret napoleonic sets are cavalry 😉

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