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Landsknecht Ogre Planning!

Landsknecht Ogre Planning!

Having had a great discussion with Landsknecht Ogre submitter and winner Michael Stockdale, we've settled on an approach for this set that we'd like to share with you.

First, we need to lock down a size and proportion for these boys as they are our first "monster" size. Having looked around yesterday we settled on the excellent Westfalia versions. I have really loved their design aesthetic and their half-men were an inspiration to me when starting Wargames Atlantic. If you haven't seen their work click on this image to go to their site: 


So these fellows will come in around 45mm or so. This will be a full frame set aiming for three unique bodies on the frame.

The bodies will be armored cuirass with square-toed shoes/boots to emulate the classic Landsknecht look. Slashed style sleeve arms will hold a variety of historical/fantasy weapons including Zweihänders (very big two-handed swords), halberds, a matchlock style hand cannon, large, ornate dueling-style pistols. Spear or double-duty standard pole. We will experiment with some options. Maybe a dagger or mace too. Will need at least one larger shield and some buckler style for the swordsmen. Perhaps some segmented plate armor pieces for the legs. The iconic floppy hats and helmets will be included and Morion helmets as an extra option. 

Since this is a Wargames Atlantic set, we can't leave it there though! Alternate arms with heavy autoguns and plasma weapons with shoulder pads on the arms, futuristic helmets and bare heads, and a  variety of packs comm units holsters etc to equip the bodies will also be included to sci-fi up these fellows. 

Officially this set will be part of our Death Fields AND the Classic Fantasy ranges. Within DF the backstory will be that these are a group of abducted Landsknecht - The Vain - who after some time on the circuit succumbed to flattery and allowed themselves to be genetically modified to be bigger and stronger. Their alien owner of course didn’t explain that they would also become grotesque. They now operate as guns for hire and are lent out to the highest bidders as a supplement to regular teams on the Death Fields circuit.

For fantasy they are also mercenaries fighting for and against the High Queen - a band of brothers united in their love of fashion and fighting.

We hope you like these ideas for this set. We hope also that we can fit all the ideas we keep coming up with onto the frame! Let us know what you think below!

Artwork credit: Landsknechts in the Sack of Rome, 1527 by Angus McBride (1988)

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Erik - October 27, 2022

In addition to the myriad melee weapon options that will likely come, I think having 3-4 ranged weapons such as the smaller Saker Cannon as well as appropriately ogre sized Arquebus, Blunderbuss, and Crossbow. At least 1 of each per sprue (maybe multiples) would be great.

Tobias P - August 10, 2021

Sounds awesome!

Witch Hunter Shadowlord - July 12, 2021


Derek Krumel - May 26, 2021


Every time y’all slap sci-fi bitz into weird fantasy kits I’m stoked. This is gonna be a super cool one can’t wait.

Benjamin MacConnell - May 26, 2021

I’ve been looking over the Ogor Mawtribes range, to compare with this kit and see how well it could stand in for those units. I’m pleased to see it can do a good deal of work on its own.

Obviously, the mounted Ogors are right out. As are, seemingly, the extra-large command units. But the two-handed weapon options (halberd, zweihander) could easily work for Ironguts, any one-handed weapon (like a mace) could make some “Gluttons”, and while it’s not a literal cannon, the handcannon could make for a serviceable Leadbelcher in a pinch (maybe with an offhand knife to simulate the Thunderfist’s stronger melee attack). Then again, it might be easier to simulate Leadbelchers with whatever SF weapons are included. Those duel pistols could easily be used to create Maneater units, as well.

Honestly, looking at it, the box set looks like it’s very applicable to an on-foot Ogor Mawtribes army. Or at least a Warcry band. All it needs now is some way to denote a commander.

Lucius - May 20, 2021

I also like the foot the idea about options. I’m intrigued by this set because I have some oldhammer landsknecht ogres from the 1980s. I tend to play ogres as a bit simple because it isn’t that much of a stretch for me. Having a few in the unit totally barefoot, with one boot or boots in bad repair (on but now open toed) sounds good. I am glad you went with the CF/DF options. Looking forward to seeing the scuplts. I’m sure I’ll be grabbing a large contingent of landsknecht Bullgryns to supplement my Grognard heavy, french foreign legion inspired imperial guard regiment.

Stuart - May 20, 2021

@ M Fitzgerald
An “option” to make one or two female, if desired; as opposed to being forced to have a third of the 12-figure pack as female, ie four, due to limited options.

M Fitzgerald - May 19, 2021


Stuart: ‘Now, I think one or possibly two women would be okay…BUT FOUR??? Count me, and my reasonably sensible head, out!’

WA, you should raze this comment section to the ground, and conduct your polls by email/private message.

Stuart - May 19, 2021

Upfront: I don’t do fantasy stuff and I didn’t vote for the Landsknecht Ogres. So feel free to take this opinion with a pinch of salt. However, last year I painted up a couple of packs of Warlord Games Landies that came out really well. I’m thinking that I might get some of the WA Ogres to go along with them.

I’m sure WA will make decisions about what to include in their pack of Ogres based on sound business principles, and they’re not likely to be swayed by a “maybe-one-pack” customer like me, but I’m going to enter the fray here and say that if there is an option to have one or two female figures in the pack of 12 (eg by having a swappable front torso and few lady heads), that would be fine and dandy.

On the other hand, if four out of the 12 figures have to be female because of limited body options, that’s a major turn-off for me. And if push comes to shove, I would gladly sacrifice female options for a wider range of arms, (male) heads, weapons and other bits ‘n’ bobs. With over 45 years’ experience of collecting little soldiers behind me, and a reasonably sensible head on my ageing shoulders, I can’t help thinking that most potential customers will share that view.

Axel - May 17, 2021

>I haven’t … made any attacks on your personal character

Then I have misunderstood your “talking out of both sides of your mouth” and your claim that I boasted of a “supposedly massive collection of women models” (which I did not, though I probably did boast of my massive collection of Landsknechts).

Sorry. I will bury that now…

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